TikTok is like virtual Disneyland for beauty enthusiasts. Game-changing beauty hacks are shared in clips that are barely a minute long. Impressive, right? However, not all these tips from TikTok work for everyone. A lot of the hacks shared are fake, subjective or unsafe. So, we got our editor to share five tried and tested TikTok beauty hacks that are totally safe and fool-proof for you to try out. Excited? Let’s begin.


1. Faux facelift with a blush

Faux facelift with a blush

Want a more defined, model-esque look? Check out the TikTok faux facelift. All you need is your favourite blush. Your whole makeup routine can remain the same but what changes is the blush placement. Start by applying blush on your cheek, right below your eyes. Sweep the blush upwards and outwards, towards your temples. Blend it well and apply some on the apples of your cheeks.


Image courtesy: Tara Sutaria


2. Slugging


Who knew using petroleum jelly could be the ultimate solution to revive dry and dehydrated skin? We did. And now, so do TikTok beauty genies. So all you do is slather on a generous amount of the Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly all over your face at night. Due to the thick consistency of Vaseline, it acts like an occlusive and prevents up to 99% transepidermal water loss. You should try doing this once or twice a week, depending on how dehydrated your skin feels.


3. Turn eyeshadow into lip gloss

Turn eyeshadow into lip gloss

Since the early 2000s trends are back, it’s time we bring back frosted lip gloss. This hack requires no additional products. It’s all about multitasking. Your concealer, shimmer eyeshadow, lip liner and a clear lip gloss is all you need to achieve the plumpest pout. Line your lips with a nude lip liner like the Lakmé Perfect Definition Lipliner - Nude Sparkle. After that, dot a tiny amount of your concealer on the centre of your lip and blend ever so slightly to create an ombre effect. Now, take a shimmery eyeshadow of your choice and pat it on the centre, on top of the concealer. Complete this lip with a clear lip gloss. You can also use your highlighter instead of eyeshadow for this hack.




4. Technicolour eyelashes

Technicolour eyelashes

The cool kids have declared that black false lashes are boring. So, they’re colouring them in different hues. In our opinion, this is a brilliant way to revamp the falsies you never reach out for. Start by coating your lashes with concealer. After every lash eyelash strand has been covered, dust your preferred colour of eyeshadow on it. The concealer base will hold onto the pigment and give it the lash vibrant colour. Once it dries, fan the eyelashes to get rid of excess eyeshadow that could fall in your eye.


5. Colour corrector as blush

Colour corrector as blush

Gotta pack light? Use your colour corrector as a cream blush. An orange or peach concealer can give you that heavenly flush. This will give you the same results that a cream blush would give and it will look more natural than powder blush. Personally, we like this hack more compared to using lipstick as a blush since a concealer is made for the face and won’t break you out. However, lipstick formulas tend to contain oils that could prove to be comedogenic and cause pimples sometimes. After your base makeup is completed, add a swipe of colour corrector on your cheek and blend it in the way you’d blend your cream blush.