When you’re a bride-to-be, there’s a lot going on! From invites to dance practices to outfits - the main girl has got to manage it all. And most importantly, amid all this hubbub, she’s got to keep herself looking beautiful.  

In the quest to keep your glam game on, it’s easy to take shortcuts; using old makeup, applying it quickly to make it everywhere on time or even sleeping with it on (a big NO NO.) To keep you away from these issues and to allow you to unveil your most fab self with less dramz - we’re here with some unmatched tricks and tips that will sort your pre-wedding makeup in seconds! We’re talking the right product recommendations so you don’t spend hours skimming through the shelves.  

PS: We’ve also added some pro tips for you to look like a million bucks. 

Eye Makeup Tips for Pre-Wedding Basics  

pre wedding makeup

1. Try A Contour Stick 

Want those Hollywood movie star cheekbones without actually keeping away from the sweets? Well then, fall back on the best makeup product that helps you get that oh-so chiseled look in just seconds. We’re not talking about just any other contouring stick - we’re talking about the Lakmé Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Face Contour. This product is creamy, smooth and gives full coverage in just one stroke. For your bridal shower or bachelorette, go full glam with the one that matches your shade.  This stick blends easily, covers imperfections and leaves a glowing finish; making your pre wedding makeup pop! 

pre wedding makeup

2. Concealer for Complexion Care 

It’s no secret that the bride is always the center of attention. Being clicked, with flash or without flash, her pre wedding makeup looks always has to be A1 and that’s where the best concealer comes in. Evening skin tone, erasing those blemishes and making it all look picture perfect for the big day, we vouch for the Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer. Promising an unfailing matte finish and smooth application, this easy-to-use baby has to be the MVP of your pre wedding makeup arsenal.  

pre wedding makeup

 3. Mascara 

It’s all in the eyes as they correctly say, which is why adorning your peepers with the mascara that does the most is essential. Giving you that wide awake and dreamy look, thick strokes of mascara can be great for those party nights with the girls or for the afternoon with your relatives. And if you’re looking for your perfect mascara match - don’t look further and just fall back on, the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara.  Giving you those XL curly lashes, it's all you need to elevate your alluring look. 

pre wedding makeup

4. SPF-based foundation if outdoors  

The right foundation goes a long way! I mean, you’re going to be greeting relatives, dancing, doing all those approvals and just being on the go. So, putting your best face forward is essential. Which is why, you don’t only need foundation, you need it with the love of SPF. Giving your skin that kiss of sun protection with the fabulousness of foundation, we’re a fan of Lakmé Visible Finish SPF 8 Foundation.. Saying what it does and doing what says, this  pre wedding makeup product is all you need to slay all day.  

pre wedding makeup

5. A Compact for touch-ups

Keep the grease at bay and allow your matte magic to stay by doing what’s needed, touching up! Wonder how? Well, with no other than the Lakmé 9 to 5 Dry Compact. Hiding those fine lines and making you look fine. Getting your hands on this product is a win like no other. 


 Q1 What’s the most important pre wedding makeup product? 

While all are essential to keep your glam game on, we’re 100% a fan of lip tint that does the job of a blush too. Constantly giving you that flushed look, using this product from time to time can keep you looking like a princess around the clock. 

Q2 What’s a simple way to enhance eye makeup? 

Although this totally depends on your eye shape, adding a dab of light shiny eyeshadow  on the inner corner of your eyes will make them look charming and bigger. So, spread the sparkle and get wedding ready!