Obviously no one wants to look older deliberately. That means, unknowingly, we’re all making those mistakes that are adding a few extra years to our real age. Here’s a list of blunders you should try and avoid.

eyeliner mistakes that making you look older 430x550

Applying eyeliner only on the bottom

Yes, we agree that it’s much easier to apply eyeliner or kajal only at the bottom. But did you know that doing that actually drags your features down making your eyes look smaller and your overall appearance older? Apply eyeliner on the top as well as that will open up your eyes making your face look brightened up.

concealer mistakes that making you look older 600x400

Wearing layers of concealer under your eyes

Camouflaging dark circles is a great way to lighten your face, but when you apply too much concealer or one that’s a shade too light, it makes your eyes look dull instead of brightening them up. Ensure that you apply it only on the the dark circles and blend it in well so that it looks a lot more natural.

eyebrows mistakes that making you look older 600x400

Not defining your brows

As you grow older, your eyebrows get thinner. A fuller brow always lifts your face, defines your features and lends an overall youthful appearance. Choose a shade in brown or grey that is a tone lighter than that of your brows and fill in them with your preferred method—pencil or powder for a well finished face.

mascara mistakes that making you look older 600x400

Applying mascara on lower lashes

Applying mascara on the upper lids is known to give you a refreshed look. On the other hand when you apply it on your lower lids it enhances your wrinkles and fine lines, thus making you look older.

lipstick mistakes that making you look older 600x400

Applying lip colour without prepping your lips

Nurture your lips by exfoliating and moisturising them before you apply a lipstick. Not prepping them makes your lips look chapped without a smooth finish and unnecessarily draws attention.

So which one are you guilty of?