5 Beauty Tips That Will Help You Save Money

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 beauty tips that will help you save money

There are two things that you will find in everyone’s new year resolutions list. The first is to start eating healthy and the second one is to start saving up. Well, you can manage to eat healthy all year, but the resolution to save money lasts only until…January.

Reason? The decadent beauty products! Yes, we blame the irresistible new launches, beauty trends and gorgeous beauty products that leave us no choice but to splurge and break our resolution.

This year is going to be different. *reassures self*

Here are some money-saving beauty tips that will actually help. And, don’t worry; these won’t ask you to stop shopping, just tell you how to do it sensibly and reasonably. Take a look at five brilliant beauty tips to follow in 2020 to save big (and still look fab).


Try before you buy

Use what you already have

One way you can save a lot of money (and your mom will agree to this) is to try the product before you buy it, or at least read the reviews. Especially when it comes to foundations, lipsticks and nail paints. Ask your friends if they have the product you want to buy or head to a makeup store and try it out. This makes sure you don’t waste your hard-earned money on a product you won’t end up liking.


Make the most of your beauty products

Use what you already have

You might not know this but a lot of your makeup products are multipurpose. For instance, use your lipstick on your lids as eyeshadow and cheeks as blush; use your loose powder as a lash primer and get your brown kajal to double duty as a bronzer. These will not only save you money but also save you the time taken to switch between products.   


Trust drugstore dupes

Use what you already have

Loved a luxe lip colour that Priyanka Chopra sported recently? You don’t have to go buy the exact lipstick that will probably burn a hole in your pocket. Look for a similar shade in a drugstore brand. Drugstore brands like Lakmé and Elle 18 offer high-quality products without the high price point.


Keep beauty sales on your radar

Use what you already have

End of season sales and holiday sales like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day sales are a great opportunity to satiate your hunger and build your beauty arsenal without ending up broke AF. Make a list of all of your favourite makeup staples and buy them in bulk when they are available at a discounted rate. That way, you can stock up on your beauty goodies without feeling guilty.


Use what you already have

Use what you already have

If you are a beauty lover, chances are you already have a cabinet that is full of makeup and hair products. The only New Year’s resolution you should be making is to finish off all the makeup products before they expire. If you have an eyeshadow you don’t like anymore, turn it into nail polish or make a lip balm out of an old lipstick you don’t use anymore. Also, fix your broken makeup and use it up before buying new ones. 

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