5 Makeup Trends To Spruce Up Your Beauty Game This Monsoon

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 makeup trends to spruce up your beauty game this monsoon

Rainy days call for some good ol' Netflix binges, a hot cup of chai, and when all else fails, experimenting with your makeup looks! We've all been there — standing in front of our mirror, trying out different styles with no intention of going out, especially during the pandemic. But if you're wondering how to break the monotony and step up your makeup game this monsoon, we've got a few suggestions that might help.

These monsoon makeup trends will make you look like a bright ray of sunshine on gloomy days and help you spruce up your makeup game too. Read on for the top five monsoon makeup trends you need to try ASAP!


01. '90s esque-shadow

monsoon makeup trends

Image courtesy: @charlidamelio

In a true-blue return to Y2K, the '90s and early '00s eyeshadow trends are reigning supreme this monsoon. We're talking pastels, colour blocking, and bright hues dominating the runway (and our feeds) all season long. And let's not forget the forever iconic pale blue shimmery eyeshadow that's definitely having its moment RN.


02. Kinda matte-y

monsoon makeup trends

Image courtesy: @aditiraohydari

This one's perfect for the monsoon IMO since it ensures that your makeup stays on all day! While glowing highlighter may be the business du jour, more and more celebrities (and commonfolk) are turning to matte foundations to ensure the base is flawless, followed by setting it up with powder. Well, we’re up for whatever makes our makeup monsoon and humidity proof!


03. Gloss galore

monsoon makeup trends

Image courtesy: @vivaglammagazine

Glossy lids, glossy cheekbones, and glossy lips? You call it extra; we call it clever! Glossy lids are a gorgeous way to elevate your eye makeup, glossy cheekbones give your face a beautiful, luminous glow, and glossy lips are the perfect top-up to any matte lipstick. Opt for a slightly thicker lip gloss to ensure none of your makeup melts off.


04. Brow-ow

monsoon makeup trends

Image courtesy: @priyankachopra 

Okay, so the internet's kinda divided on this one, so this is a little bit of a pick your fighter situation. Bushy brows, or '90s-esque thin brows? Both are currently in, although the return of the thin brows is quickly on the rise. Pick whichever trend you want to and try it out, but make sure you don't lose any irretrievable hair in the process! I'm personally team bushy brows, so I'll be guarding my brows from all tweezers in the new future.


05. Cutesy accessories

monsoon makeup trends


Image courtesy: @emmachamberlain

Cut through the monotony of the dreary rainy days by throwing it back to something that's been a childhood favourite pastime — putting accessories like stickers on your face! Popularised by gen Z fave Olivia Rodrigo, we're especially adoring this trend because it serves as a reminder that makeup is — and always will be — fun. Want to use bright stickers as highlights? Do it. Want to brighten up your inner corner with a crystal stick-on? We hear ya. Anything goes!

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