If your skin is particularly dry during the winters, it reflects on the face, especially when you’re blending a dollop of foundation into your skin for a luminous glow only to end up with a cakey, patchy finish. A no-brainer? Swap out your powder foundation with a liquid or cream-based one. Here are five near-genius foundation hacks that will salvage your dry winter skin.


01. Prep your skin before applying foundation

Prep your skin before applying foundation

You must cleanse, tone, moisturise, and exfoliate before you start applying foundation. This sets the base for a seamless, glowy finish. Exolifation, especially, is non-negotiable because it gets rid of flaky skin, smoothens the texture of your skin, and allows the foundation to glide on smoothly.


02. Apply foundation on damp skin

Apply foundation on damp skin

One of the most effective ways to lock in a luminous glow is by applying a foundation on skin that’s still a little damp. This way the formula isn’t just sitting on top of your skin; the dampness enables seamless blending. Our go-to is the Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation. It’s infused with silicones and vitamin E that rejuvenate your skin, conceals any imperfections and lends your skin a radiant sixteen-hour glow.


03. Mix moisturiser with foundation

Mix moisturiser with foundation

If you don’t have a dewy foundation at hand, just mix a few drops of your moisturiser with your foundation. The moisturiser gives your matte foundation a slip, allowing it to blend seamlessly and hydrate the skin too. To achieve a healthy, luminous glow, you can add a little bit of your go-to facial oil to your foundation too.


04. Bring a highlighter into the dynamic

Bring a highlighter into the dynamic

Pack a punch by mixing a drop or two of your highlighter with your foundation for a lit-from-within glow. Apply the formula to your skin with your fingers - or even a damp sponge.


05. Use a damp blending sponge

Use a damp blending sponge

To further play into the lit-from-within, airbrushed finish, you must blend the formula with a damp beauty sponge regardless of whether you’re aiming for a light, medium, or heavy coverage. Just run your sponge or blender under a faucet, squeeze out the excess water, and blend away.