If you're starting to feel that 2021 is just 2020 with bangs, you’re not alone. It’s a new year, and we’re still practising social distancing norms, and most of us are still working from home, in our pyjamas.

But having that, the world is slowly transitioning to the pre-pandemic state, and even though that will take a while, it is the right time for you to start getting back to your old routine, and self, so that you are not shocked by suddenly having to go to work again (BRB, crying). And that includes grooming — too long have our faces been left a mess and wardrobe ignored! So while you prepare to brush up on your current makeup, here are five new makeup trends you can include to level up your beauty game.


01. Reversed details

Reversed details

Image courtesy: @dausell

A major eye makeup trend of 2021 is reversing the details of the eye makeup look to create a quirky and artsy moment. Reversed floating lines and cate-eyes can be tricky to create, as their original versions are quite difficult to nail in the first place. Pick your favourite eye looks and learn how to reverse them in fun, but chic way.

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02. Demi-matte foundation

Demi-matte foundation


Image courtesy: @hungvanngo

020 was the year of dewy skin, but it looks like the trend might lack some long legs. Makeup enthusiasts are now looking to create demi-matte foundation bases — a mix of matte and dewy formulas to achieve the glass skin look. This is the right time to aim for a demi-matte finish as the summer is not too far and you cannot be walking around with a dewy face all day long.

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Skin Cover Foundation


03. Individual lashes

Individual lashes

Image courtesy: @arianagrande

Say goodbye to lash bands and hello to individual lashes placed in varying thickness and lengths on the upper and lower lash lines. This means you need to practice keeping your hands steady and be precise with the lash application before the first big event of the year comes around.


04. Intense colouring

Intense colouring

Image courtesy: @barbieferreira

When we talk about learning how to wear intense colour on your face, we mean the REALLY intense pigments with lots of room for error. Deep berry tones and metallic tints will be super trendy in 2021, so consider this fair warning to learn how to balance them with the rest of your makeup look without fault.

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05. Blurred skin

Blurred skin

Image courtesy: @weepeace

You can blame the ever-evolving and oh-so-creative Insta filters for making this a legit trend. Yes, all those filters on Insta that can blur your skin to a soft and glowy finish can be recreated with a CC cream mixed with some loose, sheer highlighter. Sounds easy? It really isn’t. The trick lies in striking the right balance between mixing the CC cream formula and powdered highlighter just right, and that will need practice!