As busy women who juggle between various tasks, establishing a makeup routine and sticking to it is natural. It is comfortable, requires the same amount of time each morning and has now become your signature look. But don’t you think walking into the office wearing the same old look every day can get a bit boring?

If not every month, at least change your look every season. Wondering how? It’s simple; just refresh your beauty routine! Don’t worry; it won’t eat up any extra time from your busy mornings. Here’s what you can do.


01. Switch your eyeshadow palette

01. Switch your eyeshadow palette

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you will have more than one eyeshadow palette lying around in your vanity. Like our favourite nude lipstick, it is common to get into the phase of using just one eyeshadow palette every day. An easy way to refresh your makeup is by switching to a different eyeshadow palette or investing in a new one. With summer upon us, we recommend going for a nude/pink palette.

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02. Use a different technique

Use a different technique

The technique you use to apply makeup can also refresh your beauty routine. If you use a brush to apply your foundation, try switching to a damp makeup sponge and see how that works for you. Similarly, if you always use powder blush on your cheeks because you don’t have a cream blush, try dabbing some creme lipstick on the apples to elevate your look.

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03. -Soften your eye look

Soften your eye look

If eyeliner is a staple in your everyday makeup routine, you may be a fan of sharp and neat cat eye looks. You can continue applying eyeliner, but switch it up by smudging the neat line for a soft smokey eye look. It will require the same amount of time and still leave you with a striking new look.

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04. Add texture to your hair

Add texture to your hair

If you’ve always liked straightening your locks to get that smooth and sleek look, switch things up by embracing the natural texture of your hair. If your hair is naturally straight, add some texture using a texturising spray or dry shampoo to refresh your hairdo.

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05. Throw in a hair accessory

Throw in a hair accessory

There are plenty of ways to refresh your hairdo, one of the most effortless being adding a hair accessory. You can choose from stylish scarves to quirky looking hairpins — the options are endless. This will surely give your hair that much-needed makeover.