5 Simple Steps To Cover Up Redness With Makeup

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 simple steps to cover up redness with makeup

A hint of red on your cheeks can look flattering only when it is a rosy blusher you used and not the irritated, red patches you’ve got due to rosacea, inflammation, acne or winter frost. Those overwhelming red areas on your skin are downright annoying and can really bring your beauty game down.

But no worries, with the magic wand of makeup, you can cover up those red areas on your face like a pro. How? Let us tell you. Here is how you can hide redness with makeup in five simple steps. Bye-bye redness, hello flawless skin!


Step 01: Prime

Step 05: Set

Start with cleansed and moisturised skin. The first step of your base makeup would be using a primer all over your face. It keeps your skin moisturised and makes your makeup last longer. Not only that, it lightens scars and pigmentation. Apply your primer on red areas and blend.


Step 02: Colour correct

Step 05: Set

Use a green colour corrector to hide the redness on your face. Apply your colour corrector on the affected areas and blend well. This will cancel out the red tones and help cover it up when you apply your foundation. The tinted colour corrector will disappear into your skin tone, masking the red spots with it.


Step 03: Conceal

Step 05: Set

Next, take your concealer and dot the product on all the red patches and minor imperfections. Blend the concealer with a fluffy brush in a stippling motion. You can either use a stick concealer or a liquid one to do the job. Make sure you blend it well before you move to the next step.


Step 04: Foundation

Step 05: Set

At this point, the redness has pretty much disappeared and now all you need to do is apply foundation to your face to get an even-toned and flawless coverage. Apply your foundation in dots and use a beauty sponge to blend it. Move your blender in tapping motion covering the red spots and blending all the products in for a smooth and even finish.


Step 05: Set

Step 05: Set

Finish your base makeup with a buff of setting powder. It will combat shiny zones and give you a matte finish. Pick a yellow-toned powder and press it on your face to quick fix red areas on-the-go.

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