5 Ways To Prevent A Makeup Meltdown

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
5 ways to prevent a makeup meltdown

Struggle between the sun and our makeup is real—and more often than not, the sun wins! Regular sweating, touching your face, dirt and pollution often tend to smudge and smear your makeup by the end of the day. Clearly, that’s not pleasant at all! Obviously then, you feel the constant need to retouch your makeup.

To save you from the horror, we’ve collated a few everyday tips that will help you prevent a makeup meltdown.


Use a blotting sheet

Don’t skip your setting sprays

Your sweat can bring down your entire makeup. Always keep a blotting paper with you when you’re stepping out. Slightly dab the areas of your face that are sweating with a gentle hand. Make sure you don’t ruin or smudge your makeup. The blotting paper will soak all the sweat from your face and prevent your makeup from a meltdown.


Set your makeup with setting powders

Don’t skip your setting sprays

Once you’re done applying a concealer, always set the areas you’ve concealed. Go for loose powder or even compact powders as they set your concealer in place and prevent them from creasing and eventually melting down.


Replace cream based products with powder based products

Don’t skip your setting sprays

Cream based products work well for dry skin, but FYI—they smear away the most. If you’re prone to a makeup meltdown, always choose powder products over cream products. Go for a bronzing and contour powder instead of cream contours, cushion foundations over stick foundations and so on. Powder tends to stick on your face longer than cream products.


Matte products for The Win

Don’t skip your setting sprays

Illuminating and dewy makeup products tend to fade away quicker than matte products. Makeup products such as lipstick and foundation should ideally be matte as they don’t wear off very easily. Always use them over dewy and creamy products if you want your makeup to last longer.


Don’t skip your setting sprays

Don’t skip your setting sprays

A makeup setting spray is very important if you want your makeup to stay longer. Invest in a good quality mattifying setting spray and spritz it on your face once you are done applying your makeup. This will lock your makeup in place and prevent it from melting down.

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