Valentine's Day is round the corner, girls! Apart from having your ootd or ootn pre-decided for V-day, have you also thought about what Valentine's Day makeup look will match your dress? No? Don’t worry! Here are 5 drop-dead stunning simple Valentine's Day makeup looks step by step tutorials, that you can recreate on to woo your better half... 

Valentine's Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023: The Basics 

Searching for some inspiration for your happy Valentine's Day makeup? Look no further than these Valentine's Day makeup tutorials! Whether you're going for a classic red lip or a sultry eyeliner, there's a makeup look for everyone. From bold and dramatic to soft and romantic, these makeup tips for Valentine's Day will help you create a look that will make your heart skip a beat. So grab your makeup brushes and get ready to create a look that's perfect for the most romantic day of the year. 

5 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023


1. Make your partner *blush blush* 

Want to accentuate your cheekbones or add a healthy pop of colour to tie your beauty look together? Valentine's Day makeup with pink blush is the answer! An extra dash of blush never disappoints, whether it's a fresh natural Valentine's Day makeup, monochromatic makeup look for V-day, or trendy soft matte pink look.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023 Lakme palette

Tips on How to Create the Look 

If you want to go minimal yet stand out on V-day, then simply go heavy on your blush. Keep your eyes toned down with just a single coat of mascara. Finish it off with a light pink lip tint or lipstick. 

To create this simple Valentine's Day eye makeup, try a warm or cool shade of a buildable lightweight brush in a Lakmé Absolute Facelift Palette.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023


2. Sparkle with all your heart (actually, eyes) 

Play up your eyes with glitter eyeshadow to create this sparkly Valentine's Day eye makeup. The look is for all those who want to go all out with their makeup game on V-day.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023 Lakme Eyeshadow palette

Tips on How to Create the Look 

Try the Lakmé 9to5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow, which can become your multipurpose everyday or Valentine's Day makeup palette. Add volume to your lashes with some mascara and finish it off with a nude shiny lipstick. You can apply golden, pink, or blue sparkly shadows to create your Valentine‘s look.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023


3. Make him fall for dramatic eyes 

We know you enjoy drama, girls! But, leave the real drama aside for some other day, and let your eyes do all the drama on V-day date night. How to create that winning look for Valentine's Day makeup easy?

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023

Tips on How to Create the Look 

Go all out with cut crease eye makeup. You'll need such Valentine's Day makeup products as a winged water-resistant Lakmé 9to5 Black Impact Liner with fast drying formula, coupled with highly pigmented eyeshadow and fanned out lashes.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023

4. Have a vibrant Valentine's Day 

Need more bright and easy Valentine’s Day makeup ideas? Use a vibrant eye shadow colour to let the V-day excitement show in your makeup, too. Keep the rest of your face makeup minimal and go all out with your eye makeup.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023 Lakme eye shadows

Tips on How to Create the Look 

Try bright pink, purple, or green eye shadows, which you can find in a highly pigmented Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette, coupled with those gorgeous falsies, that are giving us all the makeup goals for V-day. Add some blush and a nude lipstick to finish the look.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023 red lips


5. Red hot makeup 

A classic red lip makeup look was the perfect and timeless choice for Valentine's Day makeup 2020, 2021, 2022, and stays the same in 2023. The bold and seductive colour should be in every Valentine's Day makeup collection, as it adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit.

Valentines Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023 red lipstick Lakme

Tips on How to Create the Look 

To achieve this glam Valentine‘s Day makeup look, start with an even base, put on the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer with a smooth matte texture, and your favourite foundation. Add a subtle eye shadow, and finish with a bold red lipstick, like Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color With Argan Oil, that nourishes your lips. The key is to find the perfect shade of red that complements your skin tone, makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

FAQs about Valentine's Day Makeup Looks to Try in 2023 

Q1 What are the best Valentine's Day makeup for dark skin options? 

For dark skin on Valentine's Day, makeup artists recommend to include bold and vibrant lip colors like deep reds, plums, and berries. For eye makeup, metallic and jewel-toned eyeshadows, dramatic winged eyeliner, and volumising mascara can add a touch of glamour. Warm-toned blushes and bronzers may also add glow and warmth to the complexion. It's important to choose products that complement and enhance the natural beauty of darker skin tones. 

Q2 What are the best Valentine's Day makeup gifts? 

It’s a perfect opportunity to spoil your loved ones or friends, who use makeup, with makeup gift sets for Valentine's Day, that will make them feel special. There are many options of Valentine's Day gifts makeup to choose from, depending on their preferences and budget. Some of the best makeup gifts for Valentine's Day include lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, and foundation. You can also find gift sets that contain a range of products for a complete makeup look. Look out for Valentine's Day makeup sales and discounts that may be available. A Valentine's Day makeup gift set is an ideal present for any makeup lover, and there are plenty of options to suit all styles and budgets. 

Q3 What is anti-Valentine's Day makeup? 

Anti-Valentine's Day makeup is a bold and edgy look that is perfect for those who want to reject the traditional romantic ideals associated with Valentine's Day. This type of makeup typically features dark, bold colors like black, deep red, and purple. It may also include smoky eyeshadow, dramatic eyeliner, and dark lipstick. 

Some people may choose to wear anti-Valentine's Day makeup as a statement of rebellion against the holiday, while others may simply prefer a more unconventional look. Whatever the reason, anti-Valentine's Day makeup can be a fun and empowering way to express yourself and embrace your individuality on this holiday. 

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