5 Ways To Diwali Clean Your Beauty Dresser

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
5 ways to Diwali clean your beauty dresser

If you are the kinda girl that relies on her besties, mascara, concealer and lipstick to make her look presentable every morning, then this is for you. Every morning, still sleepy-eyed, with toast in one hand, and trying to do your makeup with your other and wishing you had a few more arms attached, you want all your makeup to be organised and easily available.

So girls, here is how you can organise your beauty dresser in easy ways. Do this in time for Diwali, so your makeup routine is quick and easy, and you can look your best before you rush out to burst pataakhas.


Have a brush laundry bag

Let go of old baggage

You would not put your washed, clean clothes in the same basket as your dirty laundry, would you? Similarly, have separate containers for your clean and dirty brushes. It would also help if you separately stored your brushes. Your powder, stippling, concealer brushes would go in one holder and your eyeshadow, eyeliner, spoolie etc., would go into another.


Keep your friends close

Let go of old baggage

Unless you are Lady Gaga, who switches up her look every week, we are sure you will be using a few products more regularly than the others. Keep your staples handy and easily accessible. Store your yellow eyeshadows and other experimental makeup in little boxes.


Are you a rightie or a leftie?

Let go of old baggage

Depending on what is your dominant hand, organise your makeup accordingly. For example, if you are right-handed, place your mirror to your left and organise all your makeup towards your right, so you can reach out easily to them.


Out of sight, out of mind

Let go of old baggage

Organise your most-loved and most-often used makeup in clear, plastic containers. Store them upright, so they are easy to see and pick from the line-up. Because, let’s be honest, if you don’t see your products front and centre, you probably don’t end up using them


Let go of old baggage

Let go of old baggage

Now that you have organised your beloved beauty dresser, it’s time to throw away that expensive mascara you bought 10 years ago on your foreign trip, and are ‘saving’ for ‘special’ occasions. This rule holds good for old powders, eyeshadows, eye pencils and everything in between.

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