What exactly does the perfect summer makeup routine look like? Ideally, it is something that can withstand the heat, sweat and humidity. A rule of thumb could be that if your makeup hasn’t melted off to your shirt collar, it’s gotten the job done. And there are some easy ways you can build a long-lasting summer makeup routine without compromising on all that glam!


01. Keep up with exfoliation

01. Keep up with exfoliation - Summer makeup routine

This may come as a surprise, but the key to a perfect summer look is to exfoliate before you do your makeup. Flaky and patchy skin can show through your makeup in the heat if not taken care of before you apply the layers. Our pores tend to work overtime when it's hot outside, and nothing can ruin a makeup look faster than uneven textured skin.

Use the St. Ives Gentle Smoothing Oatmeal Scrub and Mask 2-3 times a week. You can also dermaplan your face gently to get rid of the peach fuzz sitting on your face, for a flawless finish.


02. Always use a primer

02. Always use a primer - Summer makeup routine

The primer is an essential step in your makeup routine in the summer. It makes your makeup last long, works as a barrier between your skin and the makeup and gives you a smooth canvas to work on. The Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup primer is a waterproof formula that gives you a matte texture and keeps shine at bay all day long.


03. Ditch full coverage for a tinted moisturiser

03. Ditch full coverage for a tinted moisturiser - Summer makeup routine

Spending your summer days with a full face of makeup is so not right for you. Your skin is already feeling oily, greasy and sweaty. Having your foundation melt off at the same time makes for a recipe for disaster. You've got to let your skin breathe and burying it under a heavy foundation won't help with that. Ditch your full coverage champions with a lightweight option like Lakme Complexion Care Face CC Cream or any of your favourite tinted moisturisers.


04. Choose cream over powder

04. Choose cream over powder - Summer makeup routine

Replace powder-based products in your makeup routine with cream formulas. Creamy formulas won't turn into a mess when mixed with sweat and oil on your face and is more long-lasting.


05. Sweat-proof your routine

05. Sweat-proof your routine - Summer makeup routine

A summer makeup routine is incomplete without sweat-proofing it every step of the way. It goes way beyond waterproof mascara or eyeliner. Summer makeup needs water-resistant formulas to watch it's back on even the worst days. You can also trade your kajal for an eyeliner pencil or a waterproof liquid product that is smudge-free. It is also vital that you lock in all your makeup with a hydrating setting spray.