5 Winter Makeup Trends Worth Trying Right Now

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
 5 winter makeup trends worth trying right now

Winter is the perfect weather to be lazy, stay in your pyjamas all day and curl under the blanket all day long. But we are here to convince and motivate you to get out of bed. Since you are a makeup enthusiast like us, we know you’d be tempted to try new makeup looks as soon as you see them.

As wedding and the socialising season continue, here are five winter makeup trends you can try to look your stylish best throughout this season.


01. Dramatic eyes

Glossy lids

Image courtesy: @maquillage_diary

This season’s makeup trend is focusing on one feature and highlighting it in the most dramatic way. Since masks are still a part of our lives, going for a dramatic eye look is the way to go. Instead of using too many products, pick a bold eyeshadow hue like neon green or bright blue and apply it all over your upper and lower lash line to ace this trend.


02. Dewy skin

Glossy lids

Image courtesy: @sandy.goldstein

Winter is the perfect time to achieve dewy and glowing skin. Having the perfect skincare routine in place will make the job easier. Add more intensive moisturisers and serums into your skincare routine during winter. Use a dewy, liquid foundation or add a few drops of facial oil to your regular foundation to get that glow. Also, keep a hydrating mist in your bag and spritz it throughout the day to keep that dewy look intact.


03. Graphic eyeliner

Glossy lids

Image courtesy: @sarah.feingold

The graphic eyeliner trend has been around for quite a few years, but it continues to evolve. Every season we learn fresh and stylish ways to incorporate this beauty trend in our routine. If you have a bunch of coloured eyeliners and good eye makeup skills, experiment with different graphic eyeliner looks, and you’ll be surprised what you end up creating.


04. Bold lips

Glossy lids

Image courtesy: @jessiepalumbo

Winter is the official bold lips season. Whether you like it bright or vampy, matte or glossy, winter is the perfect time to make bold lip statements. Order a bunch of bold lipstick shades and wear them throughout the season like it's NBD.


05. Glossy lids

Glossy lids

Image courtesy: @zofsani

A lot is happening in the eye makeup department this winter. Apart from bold eyeshadow shades, glossy lids are also becoming a favourite among makeup buffs. Beginners can use a lip gloss on their eyelids to try out the trend before investing in glossy eye makeup products.

Main image courtesy: @zofsani & @sarah.feingold

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