6 Makeup Tips For The Perfect Selfie

Written by Chandni GhoshMar 15, 2019
You can’t deny the fact that we’re all obsessed with selfies. Ever wondered that the perfect selfie has a lot to do with the kind of makeup you wear? It’s true—certain kind of makeup works wonders for a selfie. Contoured cheekbones, pouty lips and perfect skin—it’s all the wonder of makeup. If this is making you curious, here’s how to go about your makeup to achieve the best selfie...

Blend well

Concentrate on the brows

Remember that the camera catches just about everything and there’s no bigger makeup sin than unblended makeup. Precisely why if makeup artists have one big rule to give away, it’s always to blend makeup. So make sure you blend using your fingers, brushes or sponges because only then will your makeup look seamless.


Make sure you contour

Concentrate on the brows

When clicking the perfect selfie, you need to ensure that your features are defined for them to be captured on camera. And we all know that the only way to do so is by contouring. Make sure you use a contouring powder on the shadows of your face—the cheekbones, sides of your nose and jawline. But remember, even in this case, blending should be your cardio.

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Play with the eyes

Concentrate on the brows

When facing the camera, you’ve got to keep the eyes in focus. So make sure your lashes look big and remember that you can do so by way of an effective mascara. Add a pop of colour like a bright blue or a green liner to your lower or upper lashline for that much-needed drama.

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Use a primer

Concentrate on the brows

Whether you’re taking a selfie or not, primer is essential for your makeup routine. But since we are getting ready for a selfie in this case, you should know that cameras have the power to catch imperfections (read: pores). So if you want to click a pore-free selfie, using a primer is an absolute must.

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Keep it matte

Concentrate on the brows

Sure, we admit that we have an obsession with matte makeup. But in any case, when clicking a selfie, matte works best since it doesn’t reflect and create a glare. Shimmer is a complete no-no when it comes to selfie makeup. It will reflect back and make your face look unreasonably greasy—something you surely want to stay away from. So we suggest applying a matte base for this purpose.

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Concentrate on the brows

Concentrate on the brows

When your brows are defined, it makes your overall look seem more clean and groomed. So make sure you thread or tweeze your brows and then fill them in using a brow pencil in order to accentuate your arch or thicken your brows.

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