8 Major Makeup Fails That Make Us Cringe

Written by Mallika SetalvadOct 04, 2018
8 major makeup fails that make us cringe

If there’s one thing that can ruin even the most fashionable outfit, it’s a major makeup blooper. Even the most stylish celebrities with their fancy, overpaid stylists sometimes have some serious makeup fails that make us go “WHAT was she thinking!”

Here are a few epic makeup mistakes that you never want to make…

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  • The Voo-doo Doll

    Excessive powder and foundation not only made Kim Kardashian look like painted porcelain but those fake eye-lashes made her look scary and possessed.
  • ‘The mirror has two faces!’

    When your liner is perfectly winged on one side and the other looks like a jagged cliff… You know you can relate to this one! You don’t have to be OCD for this asymmetrical look to get under your skin.

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  • ‘I Just had a fist fight… And didn’t win.’

    Poor Leighton Meester chose to apply a sharply contrasted eye-shadow (purple) on her milky white complexion… Only to make us cringe and go ‘Oops she did it again!’ Not even the swankiest Upper-East side fashion labels could save her from this one.
  • ‘She-Devil’

    We’ve all seen this. It’s unbearable and a true makeup travesty. That clumpy mascara so badly applied is such a blaring cry for help. Eerie looking spider lashes are not ‘Goth’ and never cool.

makeup for skintone

  • ‘Kiss me NOT!’

    Ever looked at someone talking and just saw their parched, chapped lips staring back at you so much so that you have to really resist the urge to smear some balm on ’em immediately? When lipstick (mostly matte) starts to peel, it can be the biggest put-off… Definitely a huge date night faux-pas!
  • The Powder Girl

    In such a hurry that you forgot to dust off the excess powder from your face, Ashley Judd? Clearly, she got caught in the wrong light but this really isn’t the kind of glow you want to have…period!

So girls, take that extra minute to look in the mirror closely especially under the right light. You don’t want to fall prey to these makeup mess-ups.

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