‘Can a girl have too many shoes?’ can only be trumped by ‘can a girl have too much makeup?’ especially if she has been secretly eyeing her mother’s mascara since she was nine years old. Ah the joy of being a girl and having the magical wand (eyeliner) to turn seemingly tired eyes into sultry but sexy doe-eyes.

If passing a makeup store without going in is as torturous for you as blotchy mascara, keep reading ’coz this one’s a special shout out for you…

makeup is not transformation

  • Makeup is not transformation… it’s creation!
    People need to stop thinking they don’t ‘need’ makeup because they are ‘naturally pretty’. What a misnomer. Makeup is for everyone. And if used well it’s more like a creation of beauty… a work of art!
  • Half the fun is buying the makeup. The other half is putting it on.
    Like an artist and her paints. The joy is in mixing and matching and getting the right palate for that perfect look… even if its just to try out new looks in front of the mirror. Who says girls have to grow out of playing ‘dress-up’!

lakme absolute gloss artist eye liner

  • You can never have enough makeup. Never. One product can bring out another and it makes perfect sense to buy both. Given that there are over a million shades of colour out there and oh-so many different skin types and endless techniques… a makeup collection is never truly complete!
  • You know your makeup at the tip of your manicured fingers. ‘Are you wearing the Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner?’ you ask someone confidently without having to take a closer look. A makeup-holic knows her makeup and she knows it well.

makeup look

  • If the make-up looks great, you gotta find an outfit that will go perfectly with it… Not the other way round. Sometimes it helps to start at the top and work your way down.
  • You say black, I say smoky grey. Makeup is more of a nuanced science with many layers (pun intended!). A true makeup addict knows her shades and would never describe it in solid colours like a novice.

makeup addicts

  • The day that you wear your most recent purchase gives you a high like none other. What a feeling! Like a secret that only you know, that adds an extra spring to your step. Of course the only thing more thrilling is when someone notices… and pays a compliment.

If you identified with one or more of these sure-shot signs of being a makeup-holic, then welcome to the wonderful world of crazy makeup addicts where life is never dull and it only takes a minute to change your day from normal to fabulous!