9 Ways To Ace That Perfect Bridal Eye Makeup

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 16, 2023
9 ways to ace that perfect bridal eye makeup

Wedding is a blissful time for any bride but if you are one of those sensitive brides who is going to end up crying, getting emotional and even lose sleep over your wedding celebrations, then your eye makeup has to cater for such dire situations.

As a bride your eye makeup needs to be on point and here are some tips to do just that...

Bridal eyemakeup tips

  1. Use smudgeproof and waterproof makeup products. This does half the work for you.  Always try these products beforehand to make sure that they are actually smudge and waterproof.
  2. The night before your wedding apply a thick layer of eye cream to get fresh and tender under eye skin the next day.
  3. Apply some ice on your under eyes to soothe your facial tissues and eyes before starting with your makeup. This will ensure your skin pores are closed and you will not perspire to prevent the makeup from melting.
  4. Avoid applying fake eyelashes as your tears will dissolve the adhesive easily. Try to be more real and enhance your beauty by opting for waterproof mascara rather than fake lashes.
  5. Do not overdo your eyebrows and try to define them by their natural shape. Do not thread your eyebrows on the day of your wedding instead get these minor touches done two days earlier.
  6. Apply a thin and even layer of primer to keep the makeup in place.
  7. Schedule a trial run and experiment with a few bridal looks at least a week before your big day. This way you can make sure which style suits you the best and aim to look like your true self.
  8. Make a touch-up kit with the exact same products you used while doing your makeup. Your wedding is going to be a very long day so keep this kit handy with one of your bridesmaids and pat some on every few hours. Make sure this kit has a set of dry tissues that you can use every time you get teary.
  9. Keep extra time for your whole makeup schedule. Have an additional 30 minutes added to your makeup schedule to make sure you have extra time in case of last-minute haste.

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