Have you ever fallen in love with an eyeshadow palette only to realise later that the colour falls absolutely flat on your eyes? We really think that there are few things as disappointing as finding out that your makeup doesn’t look the same on you as it did on the packaging.

Despite applying primer, if certain eyeshadow colours simply look flat, dull and washed out on your lids, then this awesome hack is for you! With a little help from a trusted makeup bag essential, all your eyeshadow colours are going to give you full colour payoff or that mirror-like shimmer in a SINGLE swipe.

To instantly intensify the colour of any eye shadow, you only need one item: a white eye shadow pencil or pencil eyeliner. Yes, the white eyeliner that you bought on a whim one day when you wanted to be a little more experimental with your makeup, is what is going to be super handy the next time you want to make your eyeshadow colour pop.

Additionally, this little trick will also help your eyeshadow stay on longer. Curious much? Here’s what you need to do...

Make your eyeshadow pop

Step 01: Start by outlining the eyelid or the area you would normally apply eyeshadow to using the white eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Step 02: Next, fill in this area using the same white pencil.

Step 03: Using a flat brush, press the eyeshadow colour of your choice onto your eyelid.

Step 04: Finish your eye makeup as usual.

That’s it! Bold, beautiful eyes in just a few simple steps! So before you decide on palm off the eyeshadow palette you thought lacked pigment to someone else, be sure to give this little hack a try. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Picture courtesy: Instagram and Pinterest