Bb Model Diaries—A Candid Beauty Interview With Nikita Sahay

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
BB Model Diaries—A candid beauty interview with Nikita Sahay

Drum roll please! Lakmé Fashion Week S/R 2019 has just begun and beauty looks are unfolding as your read this! We found our way backstage and caught up with models, designers and makeup artists in action.

Read on as we get Model Nikita Sahay, who’s gonna walk the ramp for Anita Dongre, for a quick, fun interview on how she keeps her beauty game strong. Read all the deets here...

BB: What do you love about being a model?

NS: The beautiful outfits we get to wear and how you can be the best version of yourself.

BB: A drink you rely on for glowing skin other than water…

NS: coconut water and tonic water

BB: What is your guilty pleasure?

NS: Aloo paratha

BB: Any crazy diet you followed for skin or weight loss?

NS: Never. I have always believed in working out.

BB: What is your go-to hairstyle?

NS: Just letting it be

BB: 3 makeup products you don’t leave your house without?

NS: Compact powder, lip gloss and eyebrow pencil

BB: What’s one beauty tip or routine that’s really important for a model?

NS: Try and have a good sleeping routine and keep working out

BB: Do you remember first makeup product you bought?

NS: It was an eyebrow pencil

BB: What is your kinda makeup: bold and hot or natural and dewy?

NS: Natural and dewy

BB: What product you find yourself buying most?

NS: Eyebrow pencil

BB: Who do you look up to for beauty inspiration?

NS: Princess Diana

BB: What’s going to be biggest beauty trend this season?

IA: Being comfortable in your skin

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