Whether you are an experienced makeup enthusiast or just starting out, makeup mistakes are unavoidable. But practice makes perfect and a little helping hand from an expert might just be what you need. We had a chat with celebrity and bridal makeup artist and hairstylist Heema Dattani about the makeup sins you might be committing, and the tips to get over them.

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

Heema believes that even though there are certain guidelines in place for makeup — like following techniques to flatter your face shape — there are no set ‘rules’ that you should follow. If you have found something that works for you and makes you feel confident and beautiful, follow this personal perception in your makeup application,” she says. And as far as makeup tips go, here’s what she had to share...

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: What are some prepping mistakes people tend to make? Give us your tips on prepping your face the best way possible.

Heema: One common mistake I have noticed is overusing the moisturiser while prepping the face. You have got to give your skincare products 5-7 minutes for it to dry and settle in. Also, stick to prepping products that your skin needs — you don’t every trending product that is available in the market.

A good tip I use while prepping is to ice the face — it helps control oil, make the skin feel fresh and helps foundation stay for a long time. I also like to mix highlighter with moisturiser and apply it on the temples to make the skin look fresh and dewy.

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: What are some of the concealer mistakes that make your makeup look off? What are your tips on choosing and applying concealer the right way?

Heema: Sometimes, people tend to choose a brighter shade of concealer thinking that it will hide under eye dark circles. But in reality, it oxidises and turns the area patchy. Invest in colour correctors - they help cancel out dark circles.


Also, when choosing a concealer, take into consideration your skin type, skin tone, the texture of the concealer (it should make your skin look hydrated, not too dry or oily), and the coverage. The product should also blend well into your complexion and brighten your face.

Watch the amount of concealer you are using to avoid cakiness. I like to heat up the product in between my fingers and dab it gently on the targeted areas. I use a beauty blender to seamlessly blend it after. P.S. Always use an eye cream and prep the lids with concealer and set with powder for an even tone look

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: What are some of the foundation mistakes that you have seen women making? What are your personal hacks for a flawless foundation application?

Heema: At times I think women feel pressurised from social media to wear foundation — even when they don’t need it. Wear one only if you are in need of extra coverage and take into account your skin’s undertone. It is also noteworthy that foundation formulas are seasonal and change with climatic conditions. So, keep updating your go-to product depending on the weather, especially while travelling to places with considerably different climates.

My personal technique of applying foundation is to start from the centre of the face and move outwards. I keep my strokes in the upward direction, even while dabbing — it helps lift your face. Make sure to cover your neck and ears as well. Also, blend the product into your hairline and do it at the end — don’t use any extra product; instead, just dab whatever is left on your sponge or brush.

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: Let's talk eyebrows! What are some of the eyebrow mistakes that can ruin your makeup look? How can we make sure that we get our brows right every single time?

Heema: Avoid using a super dark pencil to fill in your brows — it will make them look harsh. I would recommend dark brown colour for black brows, or one shade lighter than your natural brow colour. Also, do not be too close to the mirror while checking the symmetry and shape of your brows, step away for a better view.

A pro tip for your brows will be to start from the inner part, where eyebrows start and fill it lightly for a natural finish. Remember: eyebrows should be sisters, not twins! It is rare to have completely symmetrical brows, so don’t panic pluck or fill brows to make them even; just follow your brow shape!

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: How important is lighting when we are applying makeup?

Heema: Lighting can be the make or break point for your makeup. I believe natural light is the best light to put makeup on because it’s very clean and diffused so you can see the mistakes and flaws. In case you are using makeup lights, make sure to stand directly in front of your light. Do not stand underneath the light - overhead lights cast a showdown in your face, resulting in the excess application of a product.

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: How does improper lip care affect the outcome of our makeup? Is it necessary or a bold lipstick will hide all our sins?

Heema: Proper lip care is the key to luscious lips. Well-hydrated lips help in even and smooth application of your lipstick! So keeping a lip balm handy at all times will keep dry and flaky lips at bay.

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: Lashes (and mascara) are one of the things that women tend to have trouble with the most. What are some of the mistakes that we need to fix ASAP?

Heema: The most common mistake I see with mascara is messing up the lower lash. You should use the mascara wand vertically, like a magic wand. It's less messy that way. Also, in case you mess up, let the mascara dry before you clean it up with a Q-tip. Trying to clean wet mascara immediately can make things messier.

mua reveals makeup sins to watch out for

BB: Let's discuss adding colour to our makeup looks (bronzer, blush, eyeshadows). Is there a way to way to get them wrong or can we pass them off as *being extra*?

Heema: As much as I love colours, I strongly believe that it's nice to consider the event and pick your colours accordingly. I take the colour theory seriously. I can never do gold glitter eyes for a brunch. But if you love that kinda attention, go for it, girl!

BB: Do you have any makeup horror stories from the past? Tell us one!

Heema: I had this bride who wanted to look unreasonably brighter on her wedding day. I explained to her the importance of maintaining her own skin colour but I don’t think it went well for her and hence she ended up hiring another makeup artist for her reception night. As much as I would like to give my client all that they are looking for, I believe that there are certain aesthetics of makeup which are more valuable for me than losing a client.


Images courtesy: @heemadattani