Bb Model Diaries—An Exclusive Tête-À-Tête With Supermodel Deepti Gujral

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
BB Model Diaries—an exclusive tête-à-tête with supermodel Deepti Gujral

The biggest fashion and beauty event of the year—Lakmé Fashion Week, Summer Resort 2019 starts tomorrow and we can’t keep calm. The fittings and the backstage action for the event has already begun and from amidst all that fashion week frenzy, we bring you all the inside scoop on the beauty secrets of the models!

We caught hold of the gorgeous Deepti Gujral and fired off a quick beauty rapid fire with her. Here is what she had to say...

BB: What do you love about being a model?

DG: I get to travel to really nice places. Our life is never sedentary.  

BB: A drink you rely on for glowing skin other than water…

DG: Red wine

BB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

DG: Dark chocolate

BB: Any crazy diet you followed for skin or weight loss?

DG: Always. And I fail miserably. So now I’ve realised I have to strike a good balance between eating right and leaving the junk out. I’ve started cooking too which is good because you know what exactly what you’re eating.    

BB: What is your go-to hairstyle?

DG: My hair is straight so just blow-dried clean hair works for me.

BB: Your favourite workout is…

DG: I love Pilates.

BB: What beauty trend you think was craziest and bizarre last season?

DG: I have no recollection

BB: 3 makeup products you don’t leave you house without?

DG: rose water, lip balm, and under eye cream

BB: What’s one beauty tip or routine that’s really important for a model?

DG: You must clean your face before going to bed, no matter what.

BB: Your favourite trend from 2019?

DG: Prints on print

BB: Do you remember first makeup product you bought?

DG: A kajal pencil. That was quite a hit back in the days

BB: Any beauty product you haven’t tried yet?

DG: So many. India is flustered with brightening cream. I stay away from them. And I haven’t used bleach as well.  

BB: What is your kinda makeup: bold and hot or natural and dewy?

DG: Depends on the mood I’m in. But natural and dewy on a regular basis

BB: What product you find yourself buying most?

DG: cleaning oil for removing makeup

BB: Who do you look up to for beauty inspiration?

DG: My mum. Her skin is fantastic. She really takes care of her skin.

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