At the fittings and backstage of Lakmé Fashion Week, Summer resort 2019, things are heating up! Models, designers and makeup artists all alike, are gearing up for the fashion event and we can literally feel the tempo building!

Because we at team BeBeautiful, can’t contain our excitement to find out all about the year’s biggest beauty trends, we decided to catch up with the makeup expert and this season’s official makeup artist—Rosario Belmonte.     

Here’s what he had to say...

BB: For girls on-the-go, what is an easy way to convert a day time, office look to a night time, party look?

RB: If you have light makeup in the day, I think mascara, a black liner and a nice colour on your lips is a quick way to change your look for the night.

BB: What are some makeup products that a girl should never be caught without?

RB: Mascara and a blush

BB: Which celeb makeup artist’s work you admire?

RB: Val Garland. She’s also one of my teachers. She’s amazing.

BB: Where do you get your inspiration from?

RB: I used to be a painter. I love Van Gogh, Monet. So my inspiration comes from artwork and painters.

BB: What do you keep in mind when you are creating a look for a client/celebrity?

RB: For a celebrity, I keep in mind what they like. Maybe sometimes I’d experiment but I make sure the makeup goes with their personality.

BB: What do you love most about makeup?

RB: The colours. I love how just adding some colour can change your day and make you happy.  

BB: What is your signature look, and what is special about it?

RB:  More than a look, people remember me for the face massage I give before the makeup. I think it’s really important to moisturise the face and skin with a massage.  

BB: What are some of the most interesting makeup projects you have worked on?

RB: When I came to India, I worked with Vogue India. In 2 years I did 12 covers. That’s my best work so far.

BB: What is your favourite makeup look from international runways?

RB:  I loved Balmain’s runway looks by Val Garland last Fashion Week.

BB: Who’s makeup you think is always on point? 

RB: Priyanka Chopra

BB: How do you manage last minute makeup smudges and smears before the show?

RB: I try to quickly fix the smudges and hide. I love perfection.

BB: What beauty trend you think should make a comeback this season?

RB: Looks from the 20s.

BB: What are some beauty trends are we going to see in S/R 2019?

RB: Lot of colours and glitters and natural look too.