The Lakmé Fashion Week, Summer Resort 2019—a five day affair full of glitz and glamour commence tomorrow and the fittings sessions are on in full swing! The backstage is packed with stunning models and makeup artists prepping for the week.

Which is where we roped in, Suzanne Nayana for a quick chat on all things beauty. Read on as she spills the beans on her beauty regimen and makeup essentials...

BB: What do you love about being a model?

SN: The travel and the awesome clothes I get to wear!

BB: A drink you rely on for glowing skin other than water…

SN: Apple cider vinegar and lemon water!

BB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

SN: Cake and waffles!

BB: Any crazy diet you followed for skin or weight loss?

SN: None of that, though I did try ACV on my face and it was too strong for my skin!

BB: What is your go-to hairstyle?

SN: I have a pixie cut at the moment so that's my hairstyle.

BB: Your favourite workout is…

SN: HIIT (High intensity interval training) and jump rope exercises.

BB: What beauty trend you think was craziest and bizarre last season?

SN: Wiggly brows.

BB: 3 makeup products you don’t leave you house without?

SN: Lip balm, mascara, and Vaseline

BB: What’s one beauty tip or routine that’s really important for a model?

SN: Get your beauty sleep!

BB: Do you remember first makeup product you bought?

SN: It was a lip balm.

BB: Any beauty product you haven’t tried yet?

SN: Bubble mask!

BB: What is your kinda makeup: bold and hot or natural and dewy?

SN: Natural and dewy.

BB: What product you find yourself buying most?

SN: Lip glosses!

BB: Who do you look up to for beauty inspiration?

SN: K pop idols! They have amazing style and glowing skin.

BB: What’s going to be biggest trend this season?

SN: Fanny packs.

Image Credit: Anima creative