At the rate at which most of us buy and hoard makeup, everyone would assume we would dedicate just that much time taking care of it. The truth of course is the absolute opposite. So in a bid to treating our beloved makeup with a little more respect and care, we went about cleaning, clearing, arranging and re-arranging it with military perfection. Safe to say, we now have a super organized makeup drawer that’s as functional as pretty. So here’s our step by step guide on how you can organize your makeup…
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Start by taking a closer look at all your makeup, checking the expiry on each and throwing away everything that’s dated. Believe it or not, most of us are such hoarders that sorting by the date is almost half the job done.

Next, get rid of everything that you don’t use or haven’t used in the past one year. You might have bought a particular colour of eye shadow or a blush in a single daring moment but if you haven’t used it more than thrice, it’s time to part ways (or hand it over to a more adventurous sister or friend.)

Not to sound too clinical about it but the next step is to sort your makeup into categories and sub-categories; so while your major categories will be eyes, lips, cheeks, nails etc. the sub-categories will be liners, pencils, kohl, shadows, mascara (for eyes) and so on.

Look around your kitchen for any unused bowls, trays or boxes and use these as storage. If you’re looking for some uniformity, you can paint them all the same colour (we’d love our cosmetic cases to be a funky neon pink.) Make sure you also keep your other necessities like your hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins and makeup removal pads and Q tips handy by putting them in open bowls.

We know that every girl has her makeup essentials so it’d make no sense to have those tucked into your drawer no matter how organised it is. Find a pretty serving tray for your dresser (you can even invest in a new one since it will always be on display) and place only the select essentials in it. Find a pretty transparent jar for your makeup brushes and finish off by placing your daily scent alongside.