An A-Z Guide On Lipsticks For Soon To Be Brides

Written by Lamiya ChitalwallaSep 16, 2023
An A-Z guide on lipsticks for soon to be brides

Every bride is a star on her D-Day! So, sporting the perfect makeup look is not an option. With all the other things a bride-to-be has to deal with, choosing the right lipstick shade for those wedding functions shouldn’t be another task added to your list of to dos. Well, worry not! We’ve got you covered.

This lipstick guide is a complete bible for all you brides-to-be for your lipstick queries…


Rule no 1: Choose either one

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

It’s really important to strike the right balance between your eye makeup and lipstick. Choose a dramatic eye or a bold lip. It’s preferable if either one belongs to a more neutral palette so that your whole look is well put together.


Rule no 2: Everything need not be matchy matchy

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

It’s a common belief that your lipstick should match your outfit, we feel otherwise. Choose a complimenting shade which could be a hue from your outfit. (Most outfits have more than one color) It’s also important that the lipstick shade matches your skin tone and complements you rather than the outfit.


Rule no 3: Select the right finish

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

We are flooded today with a ton of different finishes and types of lip shades. Liquid, matte, satin, gloss the list goes on! If you’re looking for a bold statement lip choose a matte or liquid lipstick, for a more natural and softer look opt for a satin finish. Stay away from glosses and shimmer lips. While gloss can get sticky and be a hindrance, shimmery lips look tacky and may need constant retouching as they often settle in the fine lines and cracks on your lips.


Rule no 4: Picking the right shade

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

This is the most important, and one must check a few boxes before freezing on the final winner. Apart from what matches your outfit and look, it’s also crucial to see which shade matches your skin tone and what time of the day you plan to wear it?


Reds & Maroons -

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

Like a red lehenga, red lips too seem to be a favorite. Wedding outfits in red, green, beige or dull gold would go beautiful with a bright red lip. If you are on the fairer side cherry reds would look stunning. Brighter reds for medium skin tones and deep reds for duskier skin.


Pinks & Corals-

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

They can add a subtle touch of colour pulling the whole look together. An olive green lehenga with peach lips is just so gorgeous. Pink lips also work well with silver and royal blue. These lip shades work well for anytime and theme, be it a romantic summer wedding by the beach or a royal affair in the night.


Rule no 5: Choose basis your lip size

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

This may not seem too important but trust us, it can make a huge difference. If you have thinner lips avoid dark lip shades as they can make your lips look even smaller. Opt for lighter shades like corals or pinks. Deep burgundy and ox blood lips look stunning on fuller lips. And if you have medium sized lips, you’re blessed! Choose any lipstick that matches your skin tone.


Nudes & Browns

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

Classic & elegant! If you want your eyes to do all the talking opt for a nude and natural lip. Take cue from Anushka Sharma, she took natural to a whole new level with just some tinted lip balm to perfectly complement her floral lehenga


Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

Rule no 6: Don’t forget the finishing touches

​Lip liners are a must! They will not only help define your lips but will make sure it stays on for a longer time. Setting your lipstick is also crucial, apply one coat of lipstick after which use a tissue to dab off excess and dust on some setting powder or compact. Apply the second coat of lipstick to seal in the color ensuring it doesn’t budge!

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