Ace These Liner Looks For Every Eye Shape With The Lakmé Gloss Artist

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 07, 2016
Eyeliners are the one beauty tool that makes makeup so much fun! After all, they transform your look in an instant. Since Lakmé recently launched the Lakmé Gloss Artist liner, which lends your eyes the deepest black stroke along with a high definition shine, we can’t stop trying out various liner styles. Here’s how you can do too depending on the shape of your eyes. Take a look.

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Almond eyes

Applying a liner on almond shaped eyes like those of Vidya Balan is what makes makeup so much fun. This is the kind of shape that looks glamorous with any liner style. But it is the cat eye look that works wonders on these eyes. If you have almond eyes, use the Lakmé Gloss Artist, which will give you the darkest black and a vinyl-like shine.

To do the cat eye look, start at the middle of the upper lid and draw a line close to your lashes. This will determine how thick you want your cat eye to be. Now create the wing by drawing a line starting from the last lash taking it outwards. Fill up spaces if any and voila! You have the perfect cat eyed look ready.

liner looks for every eye shape close set eyes 430x550

Downturned eyes

Have down-sloping eyes like Sussane Khan? That means you have downturned eyes. But worry not as an eyeliner like the Lakmé Gloss Artist is here to help you out.

To lift up your eyes, you need to apply a line along your lower lash line. Once you’re done with this extend the mini flick straight out so your eyes don’t look droopy anymore. This wonder tool will give you the perfect black and also a high definition shine that will make your downturned eyes look absolutely gorgeous.

liner looks for every eye shape close set eyes 430x550

Small eyes

Think you’ve done it all to make your small eyes look big and attractive? Let the Lakmé Gloss Artist work its magic on your eyes. Swipe a thin line on your top lash and the outer corners of your bottom lash line. This will open up your eyes up and make them look bigger. Don’t apply eyeliner on your bottom lash line as this will make your eyes look all the more small.

liner looks for every eye shape close set eyes 430x550

Big eyes

If you happen to have big eyes like the stunning Deepika Padukone, you must know that your eyes already draw ample attention. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play them up. Do a subtle cat eye but make sure you don’t go OTT because you don’t want them to look bigger. Make a very thin stroke on top and also line up the lower lid lightly. But ensure that the cat eye stroke doesn’t extend too far. The Lakmé Gloss Artist will help you get that short yet visible line as its easy felt-tip helps you take complete control of how big or small you want the stroke to be.

liner looks for every eye shape close set eyes 430x550

Close set eyes

If you happen to have close-set eyes à la Kareena Kapoor Khan, you must try out the double winged liner look. Once you line up the eyes on the upper eyelid and lower lash line, extend the lines outwards making two visible strokes outside the eyes. A double-winged liner will draw attention to the outer edges of the eyes making them seem wide set. The Lakmé Gloss Artist will help you perfect this eye makeup.

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