Must-Have Makeup: Latest Launches In 2022

Written by Lopa KOct 10, 2022
Must-Have Makeup: Latest Launches in 2022

Let’s take a look at Lakme’s latest makeup launches 2022 and how we can add them to our daily look.

While we may love our carefully researched makeup products, every couple of months there is some new launch that catches our eye. Whether it is a liquid glitter eyeshadow or an eye pencil that gives you the same results like a liquid eyeliner, why limit yourself with your older picks? Well, let’s get into the best makeup launches 2022.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

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Makeup launches 2022 - the basics

As beauty junkies, we are excited to bring you some of the best makeup launches 2022. From long-lasting formulas to skincare-infused makeup products, the advance in technology keeps wowing us. Well, if there’s something new in the market, we just have to get our hands on it. Lakme has decided to take what works best and tweak them to give us the complete experience from expanding their 9 To 5 range to diversifying fan-favourites like their newly launched colourful eye pencils.

The latest makeup product launches in 2022

Step 3 - Eyeliner

Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer

Lakme’s 9 To 5 collection is just one of those few makeup ranges that actually last from 9 AM to 5 PM. Don’t believe us? Try their latest concealer, the Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer. It has a built-in primer so you don’t have to worry about putting on actual primer before you do your makeup. With a super lightweight formula, it is easy to apply and blends easily whether you use a brush, sponge or your fingers. The concealer also has a seamless matte finish which will immediately elevate your look if you have oily skin.

Dot it, dab it, blend and repeat to hide blemishes, dark spots and fine lines while also blurring and masking your pores without clogging them. With eight various shades, we’d suggest going for a shade darker than your skin tone to also contour your face in the same go. Simply use the edge of the applicator to sculpt your face. If that wasn’t enough, it also moisturises dry skin while containing SPF 25 so that you don’t have to worry about the harmful UV rays.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color

The Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color has quickly become a favourite as it enjoys all the benefits of the 9 To 5 collection from doubling up as a primer for your lips to also lasting long like its lipstick counterpart. This liquid lip colour is not only waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof but also has a smooth finish with an intense matte result. Don’t worry about creases or highlighting chapped lips as it softens your lips with the help of vitamin E and argan oil.

If you have always been wary of liquid lipsticks because of the ickiness, no more as the Lakme Lip Color is non-sticky and lightweight. It is also easy to apply thanks to its creamy application so all you need to do is swipe it once on your lips. It comes in bright as well as subtle shades so that you can pick one for every outfit and occasion.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duos

Lakme’s Absolute line can always be counted on to give you the best looks whether you are out partying or need to fix up a quick work look. Well, the Lakme Absolute Explore Liquid Eye Shadow Duos does not disappoint as this smooth liquid eyeshadow gives you the best of eyeshadows and glitter. Lightweight and buildable, it dries right in time so that you can create a smudged look without worrying about it creasing. It is also easy to apply thanks to its precise application which means all you need to do is glide it on your eyelids.

This liquid eyeshadow line has four matte and shimmery duo combos from light colours for a daytime festival puja to bold and dark shades for a wedding or night out. There is no worry of glitter powders falling and messing up your outfit either allowing you to experiment with a dual-toned look or a single pop of colour.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Pencil

Have you ever wanted the iconic Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in different colours? Well, your wish has been heard. The Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Pencil has taken the usual black eye pencil and upgraded it to give your eyes that extra oomph it may be missing. One of the best makeup launches 2022, the Absolute Explore Eye Pencil comes in 10 matte and metallic shades. You can jazz up your eye makeup with a fancy ‘Spirited Orange’ or ‘Invincible Purple’, or just add a dash of spice with a simple silver or blue.

It is also transfer-proof along with being waterproof as it dries in just 15 seconds. So don’t worry about blinking your eyes and messing up your eye makeup after applying it. This intense pencil also lasts for 32 hours while giving you the results of a liquid eyeliner. What’s more, it is tested and is completely suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. You can embellish your eyelid or go for a glitzy look by highlighting your lower lash line!

Step 3 - Eyeliner

Lakme Eyeconic Volume Mascara

Say goodbye to spidery lashes or unintentional tear tracks with the Lakme Eyeconic Volume Mascara. It gives you instant volume but is lightweight so that your lashes don’t get clumped. Made with water-resistant formula, it’s also loaded with calendula and castor oil to care for your lashes. This mascara is also easy to remove so you don’t have to tug or roughly clean your eye makeup.

If that hasn’t convinced you, it lifts your top and bottom lashes and lasts for 8 whole hours without smudging up. Add more drama every time you swipe some mascara. Simply wiggle the wand on your lashes in an upward direction to get full lashes without wearing any falsies.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

Lakme Absolute Made To Last Setting Spray

Have you been proud of your masterpiece only to get a glimpse of yourself through a car window and see random smudges or melted makeup? Don’t blame your makeup skills but the humid Indian weather. Well, the Lakme Absolute Made To Last Setting Spray is made for this exact reason as it makes makeup last longer while being non-sticky and lightweight.

This nutri-rich mist design makes sure that you don’t have to keep touching up in the middle of your day. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, it also hydrates your skin at the same time. Just shake well and spray six inches away from your face. Let it set for 10 seconds and you’re good to go! You can also spray it on your brush before applying makeup with it for a non-wet makeup look.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

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Step-by-step makeup tutorial with these launches

Step 1 - Base

While usually you’d need to go through a primer, concealer and foundation to create the perfect base, the Lakme 9 To 5 Concealer makes life much simpler. Dot concealer all over your face with the tip. Use the flat side of the applicator for more coverage under your eyes. Dab it all over blemishes and fine lines next. Then blend it in with your finger, brush or sponge.

Step 2 - Eyeshadow

Glam up your eye makeup with the Liquid Eye Shadows Duo. It's easy to get a smokey eye with dark colours on a night out. But if you are not sure how to make glitter work for a day look try the ‘Earthy Matte’ and ‘Shimmering Sunset’ combo. Use the peachy ‘Earthy Matte’ shade as the base and on the outer corner of your eye. Dab the pinkish ‘Shimmering Sunset’ in the middle of your lid to get the glittery pop.

Step 3 - Eyeliner

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Step 3 - Eyeliner

Are you tired of the liquid eyeliner step whether it takes too long to match both eyes or dry quickly? Turn to the Absolute Explore Eye Pencil for the same results. Swipe some ‘Vibrant Azure’ on your lower lash line to add a contrasting blue to your eye makeup.

Step 4 - Mascara

Add definition and open up your eyes with the Eyeconic Volume Mascara. You can even skip false eyelashes as it gives the dramatic look you crave for. Volumise your natural lashes instantly by stroking them with the mascara wand in an upward direction.

Step 5 - Lipstick

The ‘Everyday Pink’ Primer + Matte Liquid Lip Color will complement your pastel pink eye makeup and ready you for your day look. Just swipe once for a vibrant lip. You can also build up and go for an ombre look by applying more of the liquid lipstick on the edges of your lips.

Step 6 - Finishing touches

Do you not want to carry your whole makeup kit and keep retouching in the middle of a party? Finish up your look by spraying the Absolute Made To Last Setting Spray which allows your makeup to power through the day and night. Spray it six inches away from your face and you are good to go.

Well, there you have it — our pick on the makeup launches 2022 that we are completely obsessed with.

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