Don’t we just love the fact that brushes make the technique of using makeup so easy! From contouring to getting those rosy cheeks, makeup brushes are the best beauty tools. But have you ever thought how imperative it is to clean your makeup brushes regularly in order to ensure that your skin isn’t damaged? Read on as we give you tips on how to care for your makeup brushes…
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Use warm, not hot water

Always wash your brushes in lukewarm water. Using hot water will damage the bristles of your brush. It also loosens the glue and ends up making it unusable. Warm water will help to gently get rid of the residue and also help to make your brushes last longer.

Use a mild cleanser

As you wash your brushes, make sure you use a mild cleanser. Avoid harsh shampoos or soaps as they will end up doing some serious damage to your bristles due to the chemicals present in them. We suggest you use a mild face wash to clean your brushes.

Give time to dry

Once you’re done washing your brushes, leave them to dry overnight on a clean, flat surface. This will ensure that no water seeps into them as water will loosen the glue and ruin the hair on the brushes.

Use almond oil

Some brushes are embedded with dirt that refuses to go with a mild cleanser. And if you’ve been using makeup regularly, chances are that your brush has become stiff due to the makeup residue. In this case, apply some almond oil onto the brushes and gently rinse them. Having done this, rinse off using mild soap and dry with a clean towel.