Easy Makeup Tutorial For Upturned Eyes

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Easy makeup tutorial for upturned eyes

If you are blessed with almond eyes with an upturned shape, which means the outer edges of your eyes are slightly upswept, then you are one of those lucky girls who don’t need a cat-eye to make ‘em peepers look smouldering and sultry.

The right eye makeup can emphasize the shape and make your eyes look gorgeous, while the wrong one can make them look unnaturally lifted or straight. In case you are wondering what eye makeup is ideal for upturned eyes, here is an easy tutorial with five steps that will ensure you play up your eye shape the right way.   

easy tutorial for upturned eyes

Step #01: Use playful colour

Bold, vibrant colours always work well for upturned eyes. Prime your lids and pack a neutral eyeshadow to create a smooth base. Next, take a deeply pigmented colour like a pink or purple and apply it on the entire upper lid. Blend well so there are no fine lines.

Step #02: Add a hint of shimmer

Since you have a natural upward lift at the outer corner of your eyes, try to bring attention to the centre of the lid by adding some shimmer or metallic finish over the eyeshadow. Dab some silver shadow or highlighter on the middle of your lid to make it pop.


Step #03: Line your eyes

Skip the winged liner and simply line your eyes with a black liner to define your eyes. Use eyeliner on the upper lid and finish this with a swipe of black kajal pencil on the lower waterline and lash line to accentuate the beautiful shape.  

easy tutorial for upturned eyes

Step #04: Add a smudgy effect on the lower lid

Take an angled brush and smudge the eyeshadow on your lower lid to create a soft, smudged look. Your lower lash line appears longer, thanks to the natural lift of your eye. The smudged eyeshadow on the lower lid will help add definition and balance out the shape.

Step #05: Go heavy on the lower lashes

To offset the upturned lift and even out your eye shape, focus on the lower lashes. Apply a couple of coats of mascara on your lower and upper lashes and avoid falsies to keep it from shrinking your eye shape.

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