Even though getting eyelash extensions isn’t exactly a new thing, it is still something that a lot of women are sceptical about. Questions like ‘will this damage my natural lashes’, ‘can I wear contact lenses with it’ and ‘how long will these extensions actually last’ are all pretty common.

If you’re not blessed with naturally fuller lashes and find wearing falsies every single day a bit cumbersome, eyelash extensions can be your best bet. Plus, they aren’t damaging provided you take enough care and don’t pull them out. But we know that this information isn’t enough for you to book an appointment right away, which is why we roped in Sapna Bedi of Reign Studio – Nova Lash to walk us through everything there is to know about eyelash extensions.

In this article, Sapna talks about everything – from the procedure of applying lash extensions to how to make them last longer. Read on…

An expert tells you everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions

BB: What exactly are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are similar to your falsies but more permanent in nature. These extensions can be made from either real human hair, mink or even synthetic hair, and are used to make your eyes look bigger and your lashes a lot fuller and longer.

BB: What is the procedure for eyelash extensions?

To begin with, individual eyelashes are dipped in non-toxic, medical grade lash glue, and then applied to your eyelashes. The number of individual eyelashes used will actually depend on the length and volume of your natural lashes; if you have too many short lashes, then you may need more. Since each individual eyelash extension is applied directly to your natural eyelashes and not onto the skin or follicle, the procedure is painless and there will be no shedding of your natural lashes.

An expert tells you everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions

BB: How long do these last?

If your extensions have been done well, they can easily last for about four to five weeks, after which you will need to get touch-ups to maintain the same fullness and curve. How often you will need touch-ups really depends on your hair growth cycle. The faster your hair growth, the quicker you will feel the need to renew and touch-up your extensions.

BB: Can eyelash extension ruin your natural lashes?

No, this is a complete myth. If you follow all the instructions that your technician gives you, eyelash extensions have no damaging effect on your natural lashes. Although, if the person applying extensions is not trained or the extensions haven’t been applied correctly, then there is a chance that you would feel some pulling and tugging. Therefore, make sure that you go to a certified place.

An expert tells you everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions

BB: Are there different sizes of eyelash extensions?

If yes, how do I know my size? Lash extensions come in sizes ranging from 6mm to 16mm. Usually, we do not put more than 30% of our natural lashes’ length as this can damage your lashes over time. A lash expert/technician can help you determine the size of your natural lashes.

BB: Can I perform my usual activities such as wearing contact lenses, applying eye makeup, etc. with eyelash extension?

Yes, absolutely. Eyelash extensions do not affect your normal activities in any way, since they are totally lightweight and comfortable. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to be extremely gentle while performing those activities. Avoid rubbing your eyes too much and do not pull or tug at the lashes as this could actually pull out your normal lashes. Additionally, when removing eye makeup, remember to avoid using oil-based removers as they can weaken the glue.

An expert tells you everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions

BB: Is it okay to apply mascara on my eyelash extensions?

The best thing about getting eyelash extensions is that it eliminates the need to wear mascara. Extensions are eyelashes look naturally long, fluttery and curled, which is why wearing mascara is a bit pointless. Additionally, wearing mascara regularly and then removing it can put a lot of pressure on the extensions and even weaken the glue; hence, it is not recommended.

BB: Should I clean my eyelash extensions every day?

There is no need to specifically clean your eyelash extensions, especially if you don’t wear too much eye makeup and completely avoid mascara. However, if you wear eye makeup, you can clean your eyelash extensions with warm water and gently massage an oil-free remover to avoid damaging your lashes.

An expert tells you everything you need to know about getting eyelash extensions

BB: How can I make eyelash extensions last longer?

  • Clean and brush your extensions with a small spoolie once a day. This will get rid of any makeup residue or dirt stuck in there.
  • Remember to be extremely gentle and avoid tugging or rubbing your eyes vigorously.
  • When choosing your makeup removers and eye care products, pick ones that are safe to use on eyelash extensions.
  • Get your refills done regularly.

BB: Can one remove these eyelash extensions at home?

Removing extensions at home can lead to eye strain, loss of natural lashes or worse. You should always get your extensions removed from the studio/professional. The removal is done by applying an acrylic/gel to a dipping solution that dissolves the product quickly in 15-20 minutes. Under no circumstances should you remove your eyelash extensions at home. This process, if done at home is not only painful, but can also permanently damage your lashes and prevent them from growing back again.