Yes, we love models for being so sexy and gorgeous, but as we all already know there’s so much that goes into making that face and that body? While some adopt military precision when it comes to their beauty regime, others have detox diets they swear by. BB met up with these ramp scorchers to find out the secrets they rarely ever spill…

deepti gujral secrets system cleansing 430x550

Deepti Gujral

I never use expensive makeup. People spend so much money on makeup and don’t realize that unless your system is cleansed, your face will never glow. So for me, there’s only one rule – stay away from spending much on your makeup products and cleanse your system instead.

radhika nair skincare secrets non oily food detox 430x550

Radhika Nair

I don’t think I’ve had a single day where I’ve craved burgers, pizzas and fries.  I’m just tuned that way. Because I’m a model, keeping my face clean and beautiful is my job. So I make sure I don’t munch on any oily food throughout the day and yes, I keep detoxing my body every now and then to allow it to take a break and get rejuvenated.

ashwati ramesh sandalwood rose water face pack 430x550

Ashwati Ramesh

I’m an old school girl and the one piece of beauty advice that my grand mom gave me was to use a mix of sandalwood paste and rose water as a face pack. I’ve been using it since I was young and trust me, it does wonders to the skin, especially in the summer.

sanea sheikh beauty secret yogasanas 430x550

Sanea Sheikh

My skin reacts beautifully to yoga. I don’t like going to the gym, so for a more sculpted body and clear skin, I do an hour of yoga every day. There are certain asanas that are specially meant to make the skin glow and flush out toxins so I ensure I pay special attention to those.

raffaelly secrets cleansing toning moisturizing 430x550


I’m very regular with the whole process of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I think there’s not been a day when I’ve gone without that. But other than that, if you see me, you’ll always find me wearing lip balm as I feel it’s so important to keep the lips hydrated.

pallavi singh skin tips 5 litres water juices 430x550

Pallavi Singh

I don’t have a particular beauty regime but I make sure I drink at least 5 litres of water throughout the day. These days you also get a lot of cold pressed juices, which I stock up and I think they definitely contribute in making my skin glow.

surily goel toner sunscreen makeup tips 430x550

Surily Goel

I keep it simple – I use the toner and sunscreen very regularly. The funny thing is that I hate makeup. Models always have makeup on most of the time so when I’m done for the day I completely clean my face with makeup remover and use a basic moisturizer.