Think you’ve been through too many beauty blunders like smudged mascara or the ordeal of hair strands sticking out just before you enter that party you’ve been waiting for? Well, this could be because you’re not carrying your emergency beauty items. Emergency items are the perfect solution to fixing cosmetic issues and can save you from beauty faux pas. Want to know what all it includes? Take a look.
must have emergency beauty kit to carry 430x550

Blotting paper

It’s happened to all of us – we’ve been out in the sun and our skin has become excessively oily, thanks to the sweat and grime that settles in during this weather. If you want to save yourself the embarrassment, always make sure you keep blotting papers in your bag as they will help absorb the oil from your face without ruining your makeup.

must have emergency beauty kit 430x550


Smudged kajal and eyeliner is often an issue with us girls. Fix this by carrying Q-tips in your bag. Its tip will instantly help you wipe out the smudged part and you’ll be back to looking your gorgeous self.

must have emergency beauty kit hairpins 600x400


Your top knot seems to be getting untidy? Well, at such times of emergency having extra bobby pins could save your hair. Just buy ones that match your hair colour and see how these come handy in times of hair crises!

must have emergency beauty kit tigi spoil me spray 430x550

TIGI Spoil Me Spray

If you think your frizzy hair is constantly sticking out and ruining the hairstyle you spent hours getting right, carry the TIGI Spoil Me spray that’ll tame flyaways, fix your frizzy hair and keep your hairdo in place, just the way you like it.

must have emergency beauty kit scrunchies 600x400


You know that horrible moment when we wish to pull back our long hair to save it from feeling sweaty and realise there are no elastic bands in our bag? Always, always remember to keep several scrunchies with you for such times. Buy them in fun colours or to keep it simple, opt for classic black ones.