When it comes to lip care, we girls can’t quite get enough. So when Lakmé launched their new Lip Love range with brand ambassador Shraddha Kapoor, we were absolutely thrilled. More so, because, for the first time we get the benefit of both, colour plus care, in one lip product. Pretty good, we think!
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What: Lakmé Lip Love

Lakmé Lip Love comes in tints of Peach, Strawberry, Cherry and Vanilla.

Why we love it

We know all too well, that when it comes to lip care, getting the perfect combination of colour as well as care is close to impossible. Usually, we’ll moisturise our lips and then just before we run out the door, we’ll quickly apply some lipstick. But with the all-new Lakmé Lip Love that delivers on both, colour plus care – we’re killing two birds with one stone.

Its dual core has a creamy inner that moisturises your lips while the outer swirl gives your puckers just the perfect tint. Plus, with SPF 15, it makes sure your lips are sun protected as well.

With the festive season falling at the height of winter and our itineraries filled with weddings in the North (just the kind we love and dread with equal measure,) we’re going to be keeping our Lip Loves super close. For we know all too well that chapped, nude lips do not a BFF of the bride make.

Lakmé Lip Love is available online and in all stores; it is priced at ₹200 for 3.8 gms.