Last week, the BB team gave themselves home manicures with the new Lakmé Stylist Gel Nail colours. Many shades and unchipped nail colours later, here’s why we just can’t wait for the new shade additions to the range…
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The Lakmé Gel Stylist Nail Colours

Why we love them…

We’d been reading about gel based manicures on all the international beauty blogs for far too long before we landed on the Lakmé Gel Stylist Nail Colours. Obviously, we had to give them a go and though we admit we were spoilt for choice with the palette of colours, we were more than pleased with the results!

If one too many salon manicures pinch your wallet (as they do ours,) we wouldn’t recommend anything other than the Gel Stylist range. They’re rich colours that deliver that salon like plumpy high shine without the odd bubbles or hard brush strokes. We love!

We can safely say that their shade card is unparalleled! The range stretches from the most subtle beige and champagne shades you could wear to work to the most popping pinks and fuchsias if your hands are in dire need of a face lift or even the riches reds and maroons for blossoming brides. No more bare nails.

How do you use it?
Twist cap and remove the excess product while removing the brush out.
Place on the centre part of the nail just below the cuticle and drag below.
Repeat process on both sides of the centre line to ensure that there are no empty spots on the nail.

How much do they cost?
₹400 for 5 ml