Little Beauty Bag Additions That Will Make A Huge Difference

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Little beauty bag additions that will make a huge difference
Having a sleep-over party? A camping trip? Attending a music festival? Or having a good old ‘dandiya’ night-out with your friends? Of course you will carry your clothes and your makeup with you and we know you do not need any reminding on that front. But we give you little additions to your beauty bag that will make sure you are feeling fresh and smelling great through the fun-filled days.

When you see how these humble items deliver big results, you will thank us!

Shower gel

Pencil sharpener

Do away with the hassle of carrying bars of soap. Carry a small bottle of body wash like Lux Magical Spell Body Wash that leaves your skin with a perfume that lasts for a long time. If you want, you can carry a loofah with you for a quick shower where ever you are!


Talcum powder

Pencil sharpener

Carry a small bottle of the Pond’s Starlight Perfumed Talc so that you smell fresh all day long. The good thing about using a talcum powder is that it has both the advantage of a perfume and absorbs sweat, making you feel fresh while on-the-go!



Pencil sharpener

Call it crazy or call it awesome, but there are so many uses of Vaseline that is simply mind-blowing. Keep a small tub of Vaseline Pure Skin Jelly  with you always. From treating chapped lips and cracked heels to smoothing your hair, it has a host of benefits. Use Vaseline Pure Jelly to:

  • Help soften hard skin and cracked heels on your feet – so you don’t have to carry a separate foot cream
  • Turn eye shadow powders into cream shadows
  • Tame you hair – just apply a little Vaseline to tame unruly parts of your hair
  • Remove makeup – use a little Vaseline and massage it on the makeup until it starts to come away, then use a makeup remover wipe to gently take off all the makeup – avoids having to carry a bottle full of liquid makeup remover and cosmetic cotton pads
  • Heal chapped lips – apply a little Vaseline on your lips to keep them moisturised – avoids having to carry a separate lip balm
  • When you have a nagging shoe bite, guess what will rescue your feet? You guessed it! Vaseline!


Makeup remover wipes

Pencil sharpener

As mentioned above, makeup remover wipes help save space and are easier to carry than a bottle of liquid remover and cotton. On a plane, in a camp or just on a road- trip in your car, use these wipes to break down even the most stubborn makeup to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.


Pencil sharpener

Pencil sharpener

Yes, you heard us. A pencil sharpener to sharpen everything from your eye pencil to your lip pencil and your brow pencil. Liquid liners and lipsticks can get messy and need precision while applying. Eye pencils and lip liners are easier to apply and stay for a longer while.

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