Beauty Etiquette 101: Do’s And Don’ts Every Woman Needs To Know

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Beauty etiquette 101: Do’s and don’ts every woman needs to know

Is it okay to pat some compact while sitting on your work desk? Or reapply lipstick at the dining table? We all have committed or at least witnessed one of these beauty faux pas. We know there are times when you are crunched for time while juggling between various tasks. Therefore you can let some of these mistakes pass but there are others that are a strict no-no! Read on to find out more...


Makeup at the dining table

Discreet advice

Using the cutlery on the table as a mirror to reapply your lipstick after a meal may look like a norm in movies, in reality it’s a complete no-no. If you need a mirror to touch up your makeup excuse yourself from the table and get it done in the rest room. Food and makeup touch ups don’t belong together unless its quick swipe of lip balm or chap stick.


Hair ties around wrist

Discreet advice

While it may seem like a great idea to not lose them in your bag among the thousand things you carry, as a grown up woman please avoid it. Walking around with bright coloured hair ties around your wrist gives high school sport class vibe. The worst part is when there are hair strands still hanging from that hair tie! Yikes! Keep your hair accessories clean and add some delicate and charming bracelets to your wrists.


Nail touch-ups

Discreet advice

Any sort of nail business should be avoided in public. Chipping, clipping, peeling, filing or picking should only be done at a salon or in the privacy of your home. Other than being unsightly and disgusting, these actions result in residue and dust that flies everywhere. Unless you have an emergency please avoid these mistakes.


Discreet advice

Discreet advice

We all end up doing a beauty faux pas knowingly or unknowingly. Lipstick on the teeth, eye gunk in the inner corner, faded eyeliner… these are common beauty mishaps we all go through. Instead of letting someone be a laughing stock, tell them discreetly so she can fix it immediately and would do the same for you.

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