You can hate her or love her but you can’t ignore her. That’s Kim Kardashian for you! From her controversial sex tape to her antics on her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is easily one of the most popular yet controversial celebrities ever. While her personal life is often in the news, she's always in the news, she’s always under the scanner for her innumerable fillers and augmentation surgeries. Sure, she may have been sporting enough to admit to some, she’s also vehemently denied other rumours. Precisely why we thought it would make for a fun read to reveal her beauty evolution to you. Because if there’s someone who undergoes a makeover almost every few months, it is her! Scroll down to read...

kim kardashian beauty look

You’ve got to admit that Kim was a picture of innocence back in her teens—braces, straight black tresses and sharp eyebrows—a far cry from her image now.

kim kardashian eye makeup look

Back in 2003, Kim was all of us on bad beauty days—limp hair and overdone smokey eyes with a greasy face. But know what’s not changed? Her love for nude lipsticks!

kim kardashian makeup

2005 was when Kim started experimenting with her hair but it was hardly drastic. The side fringe worked well on her while her makeup had gone up a few notches.

kim kardashian beauty

This was when we saw traces of eccentricity in her beauty—at one of her appearances in 2007, Kim K went all out—there was big hair, scarlet lips, kohl-lined eyes and lots of mascara. This is where subtlety was slowly getting lost.

kim kardashian hair and makeup look

In 2008, Kim gave us a memorable appearance—the real drama was still to come. She made an appearance with berry lips and undone hair. Things were good then—she balanced out the bright lip with the subtle eyes.

kim kardashian hair colour

It was in 2009 that Kim really got on board with the hair colour bandwagon. She suddenly had blonde locks that didn’t quite work wonders for her but this sure was a start to her experimental side.

kim kardashian face makeup look

It was in 2011 that Kim admitted to getting botox and face fillers—something that most women stay miles away from. She sported oodles of tan and an obviously botoxed face with nude lips and dark eyes. The hair had streaks but she preferred to go big with it.

kim kardashian makeup tips

Back in 2012, Kim K seemed like one helluva happy girl. This was when she had just started dating Kanye. While her hair game was on point, her makeup was a tad off. By now, fillers had become a regular scenario in her life.

kim kardashian maternity style

It was in 2013 that Kim was flaunting maternity style like no other. Her hair saw a drastic makeover—a full frontal fringe, which frankly did nothing for her face.

kim kardashian bronzed makeup

Kim traded her tresses for sleek hair at Cannes in 2014. Bronzed makeup and kohl-lined eyes were her choice of makeup for this appearance.

kim kardashian eyebrows

This phase in 2016 was a tad uncomfortable for beauty lovers—she sported platinum blonde hair and boy, did that raise many eyebrows or what. Later, she admitted to it being a wig!

kim kardashian hair look

It was this year that Kim K began sporting sleek and straight ‘Cher’ hair. It was super glossy and poker straight and an instant hit amongst hair enthusiasts who were loving every bit of this makeover.