It’s getting increasingly hard to keep track of what the beauty store’s throwing at us. We assumed they’d stop at SPF 15, they gave us SPF 50. We thought they’d stop at BB, they gave us CC. To help you maneuver the world of beauty, here’s a 101 just for you.
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When do you use it: Right after you moisturise, right before you put your foundation
Why do you use it: A makeup primer performs the exact same role that a household primer performs – it fills in all the fine lines and wrinkles and covers your dark spots to make your skin appear flawless. An integral part of all professional beauty rituals practiced by models and celebrities, primer acts as a canvas by readying your face for the foundation and makeup that you’re about to apply ensuring that it lasts a lot longer.

How do you use it: Apply primer on your cheeks, eyes and face just as you do moisturiser. Use more for the area where your skin tends to crease.

When do you use it: After you cleanse, before you moisturise
Why do you use it: The debate about Toner has been going on forever. Is it an integral or an optional part of our beauty regime? Formerly, toner was recommended to close the skin’s pores that might have been opened up while cleansing/exfoliating.  It would restore the skin’s PH balance and help it to better absorb moisturiser (the next step after toning).  Today though, the function of toner has extended to helping rid the skin of excess oils that might linger on even after you’ve washed your face. That’s why toners are largely recommended for those who suffer from closed pores, blackheads and acne.

How do you use it: Pour some toner on a cotton ball and apply it all over your face.

CC (Colour Control) Cream
When do you use it: After you moisturise, before you apply foundation
Why do you use it: A step up from the BB cream, the CC Cream evens out your complexion by giving it a more uniform skin tone. It provides greater coverage than a regular BB cream and thanks to its mousse-y texture it is also easier to apply.  Since many CC creams are now also addressing other skin issues such as wrinkles and blemishes and also come with SPF, they’re now doubling up as primers that you can use as a base before you apply foundation.

How do you use it: Apply CC Cream just as you would a moisturiser, apply liberally on dark spots, blemishes.