Beauty Gifts That Are Perfect For Your Beloved Bridesmaid

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 16, 2023
Beauty gifts that are perfect for your beloved bridesmaid

Your bridesmaid is a crucial part of your wedding and your life. It would have been very tough to manage and to plan your wedding without her unconditional love, support and help.

Precisely why she deserves a return gift ! Apart from that tight warm hug you can actually give her something that might help her with her own trousseau. And there hardly is a better gift than beauty and makeup products. So how about you take some time out post your wedding celebrations to put together a personalised beauty basket for your bridesmaid in return of all the efforts she took for you.


Skin loving

Personalise it with a note

Beauty is primarily about skin care and if your friend likes to indulge her skin in some TLC often, then there is a bunch of things you can gift her. Add a few bottles of assorted essential oils to your bridesmaid beauty basket. Everyone loves a good hydrating serum that boosts your skin, add one of those too. Do not forget to add a giant bottle of body wash and a skin moisturiser and some fragrances that she enjoys in the basket to make her feel she deserves

all the care in the world.

Fill in the gift basket with Lux Body Wash goodies in fragrances like French Rose and Black Orchids. You can also add some luxurious skin care lotions like the Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing body lotion with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla if she likes cocoa.


Her favourite makeup

Personalise it with a note

Since she is your best bud you guys probably know each other's makeup wishlist like no one else does! So make sure you add to this gift basket just the makeup you know she has being eyeing for some time now. 

We suggest you also throw in some of the newly launched makeup products like the Lakmé Color Crush Nail Color range and those newly launched matte lipsticks from the Lakmé Matte Melt Liquid Lip colour range.


Beauty tools

Personalise it with a note

You can also add a few makeup brushes and blenders along with the skin care and makeup products to this beauty basket. A set of tweezers, lash curler and anything you feel your bridesmaid keeps needing. This will make her feel like you’ve put in the thought and an effort.


Personalise it with a note

Personalise it with a note

Lastly add her favourite flowers and chocolates to this basket and write a heartfelt handwritten card to thank her for playing such a significant role in your life and wedding.

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