The beauty gurus have spoken! Your eyebrows are your most striking feature and nothing else quite frames your face like fuller, lifted brows. But getting perfectly arched brows isn’t an easy task. If you’ve mastered the art of shaping and filling in your brows, but they still look a little off (read: droopy or straight), what you need to do is give them a little lift and make them appear arched.

For a polished look and to make your eyebrows look groomed and gorgeous, here is a trick that you could give a try. It will save time and money, believe us. Include this one-minute hack in your brow routine to get that perfect eyebrow lift without even spending hours. We show you exactly how it’s done.  

give your eyebrows an instant lift

You need:

  • A nude coloured pencil
  • Highlighter
  • Eyebrow brush (spoolie)
  • Eyebrow pencil 

How to:

Step 1: Shape your brows and fill in using a spoolie brush and eyebrow pencil.

Step 2: Take the light coloured pencil in nude or pink and apply it right below the eyebrows. Underline your whole brow with this colour.

give your eyebrows an instant lift

Step 3: Blend the product with your fingertips well so there are no fine lines.

Step 4: Grab your highlighter and pack it on your brow bone. Don’t use too much, just enough to highlight the brow bone area.

Step 5: Brush your brows once more and ta-da! Your brows are perfectly shaped and lifted.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram