5 Nifty Beauty Hacks Using Talcum Powder

Written by Riya JainSep 16, 2023
5 nifty beauty hacks using talcum powder

Talcum powder has been in our lives since we were babies and yet I bet you didn’t know its true potential. Yes, that little bottle sitting untouched at the back of your vanity has so many uses, and it’s completely handy in a ton of beauty situations too. In this video, Lamiya Chitalwalla from the BB Beauty Squad is going to show you 5 unconventional ways to use a talcum powder in your beauty routine.

Hack 1: To set your base

Now this hack might seem super obvious and a lot of you might know about it, but nobody really makes the most of it. If you're living in Mumbai or any other city that has really hot and humid summers, the last thing you want is to have your makeup melt, right? After applying foundation, powder is an essential product that should be incorporated as a final step. So if you’re running out of compact, you know what to do. Talcum powder will help seal in your foundation and make it last longer. Also for people with oily skin, setting the base is a must because it helps control oil, keeping the face free from shine. Just take some talcum powder on a fluffy powder brush and dust it all over the oil-prone areas.

Hack 2: To catch eyeshadow fallout

Bold, bright eyeshadows are the ‘it’ trend right now, but you don’t want the fallout that comes with them to ruin your base. Well, here’s a little trick that makeup artists have been using for years. Apply lots of talcum powder on the under-eye area to help catch eyeshadow fallout. After you’re done with your eye look, all you need to do is dust off the powder and the fallout with a powder brush.

Hack 3: To add volume to your lashes

Who doesn’t love fuller lashes? We are always on the lookout for that one mascara that gives us our dream lashes. But here’s another solution. Start by curling your lashes; then take some talcum powder on a clean cotton swab and coat your eyelashes. The dry formula of the talcum powder separates every single eyelash, giving you fuller lashes instantly. Follow this up with two to three coats of mascara and there you have thicker and voluminous eyelashes!

Hack 4: To mattify your lipstick

Have a lipstick that you wish was a matte formula? Well, here’s a way to turn it into a matte lippie. Simply apply it as usual. Take a clean tissue paper and place it on your lips. Now use a brush loaded with talcum powder and dab it all over the lip area using stamping and dabbing motions to press it uniformly. Remove the tissue and you’ll be left with a gorgeous lip colour in a rich matte finish. This trick will not only make your lipstick matte but also long-lasting.

Hack 5: As a substitute for dry shampoo

No time to wash your hair and no dry shampoo either? Allow a talcum powder to come to your rescue. Now nobody likes a greasy, oily scalp and washing hair every day is just impossible, so this little product is a really effective alternative. It will ensure that your hair looks amazing until the next wash. Just sprinkle some powder underneath the top layer of hair at your roots to absorb excess oil. Gently brush through to evenly distribute the product. This will instantly revive greasy hair.

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