4 Unconventional Uses Of A Highlighter That You Will Love

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
4 unconventional uses of a highlighter that you will love

Multipurpose products are one of the best inventions in the beauty business and one such product is a highlighter. A Highlighter is possibly the most versatile beauty product too. It makes you look like a dewy goddess instantly.

But wait, did you know—you could use this holy grail product in other ways too?

No? Read on to find out as we disclose 4 unconventional ways to put your highlighter to use...


#1 For the perfect pout

#4 DIY dewy foundation

We all want fuller and lush lips, don’t we? Obviously, not all of us agree with the idea of lip fillers and injection! This is when you can use a highlighter to fake that perfect, lush pout. Once you’re done applying your lipstick, apply some highlighter on your cupid’s bow and centre of the upper lip. This will give an illusion of a fuller lip, without having to hurt your pocket.


#2 DIY tinted moisturiser

#4 DIY dewy foundation

Dry and dull skin is absolutely undesirable. Give your skin the instant glow by mixing some highlighter in your moisturiser. Scrap out some product in a spoon and mix it in your moisturising cream and stir it well. Apply this mixture on your skin for that instant boost of life and glow.


#3 DIY nail paint

#4 DIY dewy foundation

Yes, you can create your customised nail paint too. All you got to do is scrap out some highlighter and mix it in the bottle of clear nail polish. Voila!


#4 DIY dewy foundation

#4 DIY dewy foundation

If you use a matte foundation, you can easily convert it into a dewy finish by mixing it with some highlighter. Take out some foundation in an empty glass jar and add a very tiny amount of highlighter in it. Mix it well to get your own DIY Dewy foundation. Easy, isn’t it?

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