Think you know all about beauty? We bet you didn’t know that there are several bizarre beauty jobs—from a lipstick reader to a dog hairstylist. Curious to know more about these? Read on...
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Lipstick reader

We know of face readers. Well, ever wondered if your lipstick print can tell who you are? It’s true; this one’s a real job! A client wearing lipstick leaves a lipstick mark on a white sheet. The lipstick reader uses this print to understand the person and his/her personality. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, doesn’t it?

Dog hairstylist

We all go gaga over all things beauty. So why should our pets be left behind? Well, today, dog grooming has gained huge momentum, what with a career like a dog hairstylist coming into play. Owners get their dog’s to salons where the dog hairstylist colours the pet’s hair, tail (with vegetable dye) and even gives them chic haircuts and temporary tattoos that will up their beauty game.

Face feelers

Believe it or not, there’s actually a career where a person can feel your face and tell you whether a certain product will work for your skin. By just touching your face, the face feeler can tell you how oily or dry a product will be on your skin. This way, you’ll know how to which products to apply and how to apply them perfectly!

Cosmetic stylist

There is a real career where the job is to splash foundation, lipstick and liner on the walls in a visually attractive manner to know what works best for an editorial spread in a magazine or an ad.  It is the job of the stylist to bring the client’s vision to life and see how he/she can make the product look appealing to potential buyers.