It’s been a while since memes came into being but they’re still the best modes of communication when it comes to putting across something funny. Since we, at BeBeautiful, drool over all things beauty, we thought why not let you in on some of the funniest beauty memes out there. Here are some of the ones we loved. Laugh out loud, peeps!

beauty funny meme 438x298

Eyelashes are meant to be long, curly and gorgeous. Well, if we don’t have them naturally, we have our magic tool – the mascara that’s never going to let us down. And this meme clearly shows how a girl feels when she finds her perfect mascara – a feeling of achieving everything in the world.

beauty funny lines 600x400

The style icon that Marilyn Monroe is, everything that she says is the last word. Bold, beautiful eyebrows have become the order of the day. So when you spot a girl with bad brows…? C’mon ladies, if Monroe hates it, we’ve got to follow the leader.

mona lisa funny meme 430x428

Lakmé’s Sculpt range taught us all about contouring, chiseled faces, high-definition makeup and so much more. So ever since then we’ve been swearing by contouring. And this meme of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa with and without contouring had us in splits. We’ve never seen a funnier depiction of the magic that contouring does!

funny quotes meme 430x430

You’ve always met that girl who shows up without kohl and you ask her if she’s been ill, right? We’re so in love with makeup that we cannot go without it even for a day without it. But when there’s that day when you are too lazy to put anything on and nobody embarrasses you and find yourself jumping with joy.

perfect girlfriend meme 320x320

One of the biggest beauty blunders are lipstick stains on teeth. And this meme just explains that so well! The perfect girlfriend will correct all your bloopers including the embarrassing lipstick stain.

makeup funny meme 600x338

We bet you’ve come across that girl who cakes up her face with tonnes of makeup. Always remember less is more, girls.

makeup remover funny meme 430x331

We might love makeup but when it’s time to remove it, we’re lazy-bones. We know it’s important but it almost always seems like a task. We’re sure the same thoughts run through your mind when you return from a party and with so much reluctance; reach out for the makeup remover.

nail art lover meme 430x430

Only a nail paint lover will get this! You know the wonders of the top coat, right? It seals your polish, prevents chips and lends a sheen to your nails. So the next time you get down to some nail art, do as the meme says here!