Beauty does come at a price and no one knows it better than us. But just because you have a smaller budget doesn’t mean that you deny yourself basic beauty essentials. We curate a list of beauty buys for every budget. Now you have no excuse to not look groomed at all times.

A beginner kit

<b>A beginner kit</b>

You’re the kind who won’t invest in much but you know your essentials better than anyone else and you know how to use them to the maximum. This bag covers all your bases and will probably be your beauty best buy for a long time.


Beauty bounty

<b>Beauty bounty</b>

This is perfect for the girl who has been playing around with the same makeup for a while but wants to take things up a notch. Our advice – now that you’ve come this far, venture farther than the highlighter and cat eye.


The works

<b>The works</b>

This is for the girl who takes her beauty and skin care very seriously. You may not be using all of these products but you ensure that you have a well-stocked vanity kit equipped to deal with any of your makeup emergencies.