Beauty Trends That Won’t Make It To The Next Decade

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Beauty trends that won’t make it to the next decade

As we prepare to enter a new decade, it is obvious that there’s going to be a major shift in terms of trends. Gone are the days when women relied on magazines to learn what’s trending. Trends these days can be identified and created at our fingertips. This means trends go as fast as they come.

Yet there are some beauty trends that have stood the test of time and lasted as long as a decade. But not anymore. Beauty bloggers and experts around the world have predicted a few trends that won’t make it to the next decade. Hoping your favourite is not on the list? So are we.


Glitter everything

Metallic lips

Glitter made a comeback and how! There’s glitter in just about every beauty product imaginable, while eyeshadows and lipsticks were still acceptable we really didn’t see glitter peel-off masks and glitter ponytails coming! Seems like glitter has lost its sparkle and will finally leave our makeup and skincare products.


Instagram brows

Metallic lips

This brow trend was so popularized online in 2014 that it went on to be called ‘Instagram brows’. If you still do your eyebrows in a way that the starting portion looks light and natural whereas the arch and edges look even and dark, then you need to give up this habit. Because that’s exactly how ‘Instagram brows’ are done.


Super matte lipsticks

Metallic lips

Liquid lipsticks rose to fame in 2016 and matte lipsticks have become an absolute favourite among women across the world since then. Not anymore, experts suggest that lip gloss and crème lipsticks are soon going to make a comeback. It’s time to swap your mattes with shinier options.


Heavy highlighter

Metallic lips

Honestly, we are glad to see that this trend is taking its last few breaths. While a little highlighter caused nobody any harm, super glowing cheekbones, nose and flashy foreheads are a strict no-no. We hope you didn’t stock up on highlighter in your last shopping spree.


Metallic lips

Metallic lips

As millennials gear up towards naturally sourced skincare products and natural-looking makeup trends, a decline in metallic lipsticks is no surprise. In fact, these lipsticks that were all the rage in 2017-2018 have already started disappearing from makeup kits.

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