Flashback Friday: Beauty Trends That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Flashback Friday: beauty trends that have stood the test of time

History has a way of repeating itself. Have you ever worn a double eye liner or a bold red lip only for your ‘nani’ or your ‘dadi’ to say, “When I met your dada for the first time, I wore a red lip too”, or “the top heroines of my time wore a double liner”? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Have the beauty trends we follow so religiously today always been around?

Well, some have always been around and some have been re-interpreted in new ways. We look at some beauty trends that have been around for longer than you have and see how they have evolved into their current forms.

flashback friday

Sharmila Tagore was rocking the double eye liner trend long before it became a trend. Till date, actors like Deepika Padukone and Adah Sharma are rocking the modern version of the double liner!

flashback friday

Mousmi Chatterjee wears baby-doll lashes with flair! This is where you apply lots of mascara and exaggerate the lashes, lifting them sky high! Long, fanned out lashes are still the craze, with every actor sporting them.

flashback friday

Few things are as instantly recognisable as veteran actor Rekha and rich Kanjivaram sarees, gajra and bold lips. And she is still putting the ‘bold’ in a bold lip till date. Red lips have found new interpretations and we love all of them!

flashback friday

Sadhana was the reason the ‘Sadhana cut’ became popular. Today, it is called a pixie fringe. It is a very short front fringe that suits straight haired girls very well! Fringes have evolved and are of different lengths to suits different face shapes. 

flashback friday

Nargis has got to be one of the first Indian icons who rocked a curly bob and made it look good on traditional outfits too! Yami Gautam also showed us how to rock a short bob on traditional outfits.

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