The day you find the perfect pair of falsies and wear it for the first time will be the day when you’d never want to take them off. Whether it’s a wedding, a night to dance away or a date, any time is a good time to wear fake lashes. Your eyes will look more defined, pretty and beautiful than it has ever looked before.

But the thought of applying glue on these lashes and then putting them on your eyelids may sound a little messy and intimidating. A lot of beginners struggle with applying lashes for the first time and therefore never give it a chance at all. We are about to make your lives simpler. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wear falsies for the first time.

the right way to wear flasies for beginners

Step 01: Carefully pick the falsies from the case using your fingertips, not your nails

Step 02: Now, wrap the falsie around your finger. This will soften the band and make it easy to apply

Step 03: Hold the end of the lash and measure it against your eyes. If it long, take note of how many strands are extra

Step 04: Hold between your fingertips and carefully cut the extra strands

Step 05: Take some glue on a cotton swab and apply it over the band. Wait for a few seconds and allow the glue to stick to the lash

the right way to wear flasies for beginners

Step 06: Hold your fake lashes between a tweezer and place the middle of the strip on the centre of your eye

Step 07: Slightly press the inner and outer corner a bit and you’re done!