5 Beauty Hacks So Good You’ll Want To Try Them Asap

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 beauty hacks so good you’ll want to try them ASAP

Even though all of us spent hours on end stuck indoors while social distancing, 2020 did not stop beauty enthusiasts from having fun with their routines! With the rise of social media tools like TikTok, Instagram Reels and other forms of influencer-based content, we were exposed to genius beauty hacks that went viral all year. Which is why we decided to go ahead and list our top five favorites that we can’t get enough of. We love them for their simplicity and effectiveness. Check them out and see if your favourite hack made the list...


01. Face shaving

Korean shower hacks

In addition to getting rid of pesky peach-fuzz, shaving also exfoliates the face and helps get rid of dead skin build-up. This makes your skin softer and allows makeup to glide on smoothly too. However, make sure you are using a facial razor and following post-shave care procedures to avoid sensitivity or unwanted bumps on your skin!


02. Soap brows

Korean shower hacks

The start of 2020 saw strong, laminated brows getting trendier by the day. But after the pandemic hit and salons shut down, the DIY version of brow lamination is what kept everybody’s dream of shiny, bold brows alive. Soap brows are created by rubbing a wet spoolie on a bar of transparent soap like the Pears Pure & Gentle Bathing Bar and brushing the brow hairs upwards to set them in place. We just love how simple, and effective this hack is!


03. Sock curls

Korean shower hacks

Image courtesy: @jasmine.kamran

Heatless curls is yet another result of beauty enthusiasts spending hours in lockdown. So many innovative techniques kept popping up on our feeds, with sock curls emerging as the best way to curl your hair, minus the heat. All you need to do is damp your mane, grab a couple of pairs of socks, and a texturising spray. The result is pretty, perfect looking curls that form overnight, and stay for the rest of the day.


04. Concealer hacks

Korean shower hacks

When it comes to makeup hacks, 2020 was packed with genius tricks that can help elevate your makeup game in seconds. But if there is one product that caught our attention the most, it is the concealer. Turns out, the product does more than just conceal imperfections. It can also give you a facelift or give a supermodel-worthy glow to your makeup look. But our favorite concealer trick remains the fox eye look, which became a viral beauty trend overnight because of how awesome it can make you look.


05. Korean shower hacks

Korean shower hacks

While makeup hacks reigned supreme on TikTok, it was the Korean beauty industry that gave us countless hacks for glowing skin. And while we are still split about following a 10-step skincare routine, their shower hacks are quite doable. The idea is to give you skin some extra TLC while you shower, like steam massaging your face or exfoliating with a damp washcloth. It is these simple steps that result in the glossy, ‘glass skin’ complexions and we cannot wait to make them a part of our daily routines!

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